Zev Technologies has made a name in the industry for making some of the best Glock aftermarket parts in the business. When it came down to renown, quality, and reliability Zev sits on among the top. A couple years back Zev released their O.Z-9 pistol. A pistol built from the ground up by Zev Technologies engineering and design team. To Zev it was a culmination of all their knowledge about Glocks and striker fired pistols rolled into one—the O.Z-9. 

Every since the release of the O.Z-9 platform Zev has continually added to the lineup. You have a long slide (G34), full size (G17), and a compact (G19) sized pistols. The platform is modular allowing for users to talior the experience to their personal preferences. Overall, the O.Z-9 was a winner for Zev Technologies. 

At shot show I had a chance to get my first look at their O.Z-9 HyperComp. The first thing that immediately struck me about the HyperComp was the ported barrel. My first initial thought was that it was a ported barrel and slide combination. Wrong! Dead wrong! What Zev actually did was port the barrel and built the design of the compensator into the slide. So when you look at it from above the slide has a U-shape designed into the slide. What I also noticed about the HyperComp is that the front sight is attached to the barrel instead of the slide. This separation of sight from slide allows for quicker acquisition of your target during rapid fire shooting. The design of the HyperComp is an absolutely innovative design decision by Zev on their part. The design alone made me interested in the HyperComp pistol. 

I had a chance to speak with Account Exec Andrew Smith, from Zev Technologies about the HyperComp. I asked him about the shooting experience of the Hypercomp and Mr. Smith stated, “It is one of the flattest shooting pistols I have ever shot.” Only thing that type of praise does is encourage me to try this HyperComp out for myself. 

I wasn’t able to get a release time frame for the new O.Z-9C HyperComp. I would imagine it would be released sometime later this year. I will keep an eye out for that information. When it comes down to price, the HyperComp retails at $1,699.55 on Omaha Outdoors website currently. With an out of stock notice. 

What do you think of Zev Technologies new O.Z-9C HyperComp? Would it be a pistol that you would be interested to buy in the future? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. Bought one love it wish it had fiber optic sights or at least fiber optic replacement sights best and fastest tracking gun I’ve ever shot and I’ve been thru every competition gun on the market great job ZEV

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