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Wilson Combat has built a reputation for making high quality custom firearms. Mostly building their foundation of notoriety on the 1911 and the Beretta M9 platforms. Wilson’s armorers attention to detail, craftsmanship, and precision pushed the 1911 and Beretta M9 to their respective performance limits. Now, Wilson is taking those same cornerstones of craftsmanship and applying it to the Sig Sauer P320 platform. Recently, Wilson announced the Wilson Combat Sig Sauer P320 Grip Module.

With the Sig Sauer P320 platform the frame/grip module isn’t the serialized part of the firearm. The fire control group that sits inside the grip module is. Which allows for shooters to interchange the grip module to the module that best suits them.

Wilson did not just modify the current Sig P320 grip modules. Wilson instead created completely new molds for their new P320 grip modules. The goal of re-engineering of the grip module by Wilson was to create a better ergonomics for the shooter. The shape, texture, and feel let’s consumers know they are using a premium product. The grip module from Wilson is feature rich with a ton of design changes. Below, there will be a feature list of all the enhancements to their P320 grip module.

Here are the features of Wilson Combat Sig Sauer P320 direct from the Company’s website.


• Upgraded, high-cut 1911-style beavertail grip tang for smooth draws

•Undercut front-strap and reshaped, radiused trigger guard for the highest grip possible

•Enlarged, integrated magwell opening for fast reloads-compatible with the latest generation

•SIG-SAUER X-series factory basepads

• Improved grip traction and increased grip pattern coverage with Wilson Combat’s exclusive

• Starburst grip pattern on the sides and aggressive texturing on the front and backstrap

•Frame reference serrations for support hand thumb or index finger positioning

•Internal grip slots for Tungsten weights

• Angled “Holster Cuts” on light rail to aid in snag-free, re-holstering

• Factory SIG-SAUER magazine release pre-installed

• Compatible with all standard holsters

The new P320 grip modules come in full size and carry lengths. Some of the grip modules are available with the manual safety cutout for the M17/M18 service pistol. The new Wilson Combat Sig P320 grip module retails at $65.95. For more on their new grip module check out,

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