Last week, CZ quietly introduce the CZ P-10 Mirco. The new CZ P-10 variant was supposed to be shown at IWA in Germany last weekend but was postponed due to the Coronavirus. The P-10M becomes the smallest and lightest P-10 in the series.

The new P-10M was designed from the ground up for everyday concealed carry, while focusing on ergonomics and minimizing recoil for a robust shooting experience. The P-10M is chambered in 9mm and has a magazine capacity of 7+1.

Editor’s Note: I was unable to find a price for the P-10M. When that price becomes available I will update.

Below is the product description and specs for the CZ P-10 Mirco.

Product Description

Despite its radical miniaturization, the P-10 M retains the stand-out features that have set the P-10 line apart from other striker-fired pistols, most notably the outstanding ergonomics and a superb trigger. With a reduced footprint and width, it has been optimized for comfortable concealed carry while maintaining a 7+1 capacity in 9×19 mm. An internal slide stop and user-friendly trigger make the P-10 M an ideal back-up or defensive firearm for everyday carry.

P-10 Micro Specifications (Metric)

• Height/width/length: 112×25.5×160.5 mm
• Barrel length: 85 mm
• Weight: 0.57 kg
• Calibre: 9×19
• Magazine capacity: 7 (9×19)
• Sights: Luminescent
• Trigger: SFDA
• Frame: Highly durable polymer
• Safety features: Trigger safety (drop safety)
• Size: Micro

What do you think about the new P-10 Micro? Do you think it holds a chance against the P365 and Hellcat? Let me know in the comments below.

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