Ghost Recon:Breakpoint has had a rough launch since being released back in July of 2019. Players of the game complained of weak AI, no ghost teammates, technical bugs, and inconsistent frame rate. Along with a myriad of other complaints. During the back half of 2019 Ubisoft Paris worked to fixed those issues within Breakpoint with middling success.

Back in December Ubisoft Paris put together a roadmap for fixes and changes coming down the road for Ghost Recon. With this new update we are staring to see some of those changes implemented. With Update 2.0 we get Episode 2: Deep State, two new classes, and the new immersive game mode.

So, let’s take a look into what is new with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint in its new massive update.

New Content

Episode 2: Deep State

The new story missions within Deep State have you teaming up with Sam Fisher again. Sam is on the island looking for a man called, “The Strategist”. The Strategist is designing a way to use the drones on Aurora with mind control. You will be teaming up with Sam through 8 new missions spread across Aurora. You and Sam will be investigating key Skell and Sentinel employees to track the strategist down and find his secret testing facility.

The first mission of Deep State is free for everyone. The rest of the missions are exclusive to Year One pass holders. You can also choose to pay for the mission pack separately. If a friend has Year One pass he can invite you to play the new missions in co-op. But, the mission specific awards you will not have access to.

New Ghosts Classes

Engineer Class

The engineer class will be able to use drones extensively. Their are two types of a drones you can deploy, a offense/defense drone and a supply drone. The first drone can be used in a offensive manner to take down marked targets to help you move stealthy through a compound. Also, the this drone can be used in a defensive manner to draw fire and provide support in a firefight.

The second is a supply drone. The supply drones can be sent out into the environment where it can hold ammunition for you. If playing co-op you can send that ammo to a squad member. The new supply drone can also be used an offensive tool as an IED when shot and destroyed.

Class Perks

The engineer class also comes with new perks with added damage against drones and increased explosion radius for grenades.

Echelon Class

Next, is the new echelon class. This class is designed for more stealthy appoarch a la Sam Fisher. Class ability for the echelon class is sonar ability. Allowing you to see enemies through walls and tag them for reference. The echelon class gives you the ability if caught and armed with your pistol for a momentary window to take out enemy before you are full detected. The echelon class also carries around a shock pistol which can kill enemies and stop drones in their tracks.

Class Perks

Echelon has the ability to unlock a perk that makes your ghost harder to see in the shadows. Also, available to echelon class is a handgun proficiency perk that gives you 20% extra damage increase with a pistol.

Year one pass holders get a week early access to the engineer and echelon classes. Everyone else will have access starting March 31st.

The Ghost Experience

The Ghost Experience is the new immersive game mode that a Ubisoft Paris promised. In the new immersive mode you have the ability to remove gear score, given complete control of UI settings and difficulty.

The new immersive mode limits your weapon inventory to three weapons at a time. You will be able to carry two primary weapons and a pistol. Instead of having a weapon stash as the original game mode offers. In immersive you will still have access to the weapon blueprints you have found. Those weapons can be crafted at any Bivouac site or at Erewhon. You will still have the ability to level up and modify your weapon at the gunsmith as usual.

Immersive gameplay also removes gear score, rarity, and buffs for weapons and gear. Allowing you to choose the weapons you like and use them the whole game if you choose. Meanwhile, turning gear into completely cosmetic items.

The new immersive mode gives you the ability to tweak the game experience to your specific gameplay requirements. So, if you want to keep gear score, go to a limited UI, and up the difficulty the choice is yours. As, a player you have the ability to go between the regular game mode and immersive game mode as you choose. Also, going back and forth between the game modes you don’t lose gear you have acquired, weapons, load outs, or gear score from the original game settings. Which is smart on Ubisoft Paris to do. The new mode also allows to empty out Erewhon of other players leaving you the only one in the hub. Which is an extremely nice touch for added immersion into Breakpoint’s world.

Episode 2: Deep State is available now on Xbox, PS4, and PC.

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