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Last week, Strike Industries releases their brand new Miller Comp. The new Miller Comp is built on the same design architecture of SI’s J Comp. So, you ask what is the difference? The difference is that the Miller Comp is slimmer than the J Comp. The Miller Comp comes in at .745” diameter versus the .870” diameter of the J Comp.

Strike purposely designed the Miller Comp to be slimmer than the J Comp. Standard AR-15 gas blocks are .750” diameter. While the Miller Comp is .745” diameter. This thinner design of the Miller Comp allows for users to pin and weld the Comp while allowing the gas block or handguards to be removed. Giving AR-15 owners the flexibility to change out gas blocks of handguards if they so choose to.

The Miller Comp also increases your overall rifle length to 16” when pin and welded on a 14.5” rifle barrel. The Miller comes with a pre-drilled pin hole and a 3/32” pin for the weld. Also, included is SI’s Jam Nut if you are putting it on a 16” rifle or an SBR build.

The new Strike Industries Miller Comp is priced to sell at $29.95. Which is a great price for a muzzle device.

Below is the product description, specs, package contents, and features for the Miller Comp.

Product Description

The Strike Industries Miller Comp is a muzzle device scaled back in size but with no compromises in performance. Engineered to mitigate recoil in the same manner as the SI JCOMP but with the profile modified to be slimmer so that a .750″ minimum diameter gas block can slip right over the compensator. When installed, the Miller Comp matches the profile of the host barrel allowing the user to mount or remove a gas block without having to remove the muzzle device. Now the shooter can reconfigure the rile at anytime. Barrel nut, gas block, gas tube and handguard can all be serviced, adjusted, or swapped out with ease. The Miller Comp is intentionally designed to be a perfect pairing with a 14.5″ length barrel to ensure the rifle minimum legal length (16″) once pin and welded as a permanent muzzle device which makes it considered part of the overall barrel length.


Product Specs:

-LENGTH 66.05mm / 2.60 inches (w/o Jam Nut)
-OUTTER DIAMETER 18.92mm / 0.745 inches
-WEIGHT 2.84oz
-WEIGHT w/ PKG 3.30oz

Package Includes:

-1x Miller Comp
-1x Jam Nut
-1x Pin (2.35mm / 3/32″ diameter)


-Slender in size without sacrificing performance
-2 chamber design mitigates recoil
-Fits .750″ diameter gas block
-1/2″-28 TPI thread pitch
-For .223/5.56 caliber
-AISI 1144 black nitride steel

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