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By Drew Bryant
September 16th, 2023,

Earlier this week, Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) unveiled their new rifle, the New Assault Rifle Platform, or NARP. Beretta’s new combat rifle features a short-stroke gas piston system and is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. The NARP has been designed to be the successor to Beretta’s ARX series of rifles, which was introduced back in 2008.

Research and Development for Beretta’s newest rifle began back in 2018. Over the next five years, extensive testing, development, and research went into the new rifle. Finally, in 2022, pre-production prototypes started leaving Beretta’s production floor. During its development cycle, Beretta was aided by the Italian military, and the design of the new combat rifle was refined and evolved. Beretta has designed and positioned the NARP to be the successor to the ARX-160. Beretta doesn’t have AR-15-based rifles in their portfolio; more and more countries are looking to exploit the muscle memory of their military personnel instead of shifting to a new rifle platform.

The NARP features AR-style ergonomics and controls most militaries and law enforcement agencies are already familiar with. The rifle will be familiar to other AR platforms currently available today. The NARP weighs in at about 7 lbs, is a fully ambidextrous platform, and is available in various barrel lengths: 11,5″, 14,5″, and 16″. It also includes M-Lok handguards and is suppressor-ready. Beretta’s new combat rifle is a select-fire weapon system with safe, semi-, and full-automatic firing settings. The NARP is an enclosed operation operating system like the SIG MCX and FN SCAR. This enclosed operation allows end users of the NARP to accommodate a large selection of buttstocks and side folders.

Below is the product introduction and specs for the NARP.

Product Introduction

From Beretta’s century-long experience, an advanced platform designed to meet the needs of the modern Military and Law Enforcement forces. Entirely designed, developed, and manufactured in Italy, NARP has been designed to increase and enhance five operational key capabilities: lethality, reliability, ergonomics, modularity, and signature reduction.


• Caliber – 5.56×45

• Operating Principle – Gas Operated Short Stroke Piston

• Locking System – Locked Breech, Rotating Bolt

• Barrel Length – 11,5″ – 14,5″ – 16″

• Receiver Material – 7075 Aluminum

• Accessory Rail – Mil-std-1913/stanag 4640 + M-lok® Interfaces

• Charging System – Non-Reciprocating T-lever

• Stock – Telescopic/foldable (Optional)/collapsible (Optional)

• Length Min/max – Approx 806-888 Mm (34,9″) With Extended Stock (14,5″ Barrel)

• Magazine Capacity – 30

Beretta’s newest rifle, the NARP, is currently nameless but provides an AR-15 to Beretta’s defense portfolio. Over time, we will see if the transition to the AR-15 platform leads to more military contracts for Beretta in the future.

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