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Bul Armory has announced the introduction of their new Bul Optics brand. The first two products released by Bul Optics will be their MS-1 and MS-2 red dot optics designed for pistols. The two new optics will be open emitter red dots that will feature a 4 MOA and 5 MOA red dot respectively. The MS-1 is designed for concealed carry. While the MS-2 is designed for competition shooting.

Information on the new Bul Optics MS-1 and MS-2 is very limited at this time. Only thing we have available now is the specs, price, and pictures of the new optics form Bul Armory. The MS-1 retails for $249.90 MSRP and the MS-2 retails for $289.90 MSRP.


Bul Optics MS-1 specs:

-Weight (net): 18.4g / 0.65oz
-Dot Size: 4MOA
-Dot Intensity: 8 Levels
-Footprint: Shield RMS-c® footprint
-Battery Type: CR2032
-Battery Runtime: 50,000 hours (the weakest visible dot)
-IPX6 waterproof
-MSRP: $249.90

Bul Optics MS-2 specs:

-Weight: 30g / 1.0 ounce
-Dot size: 5MOA
-Dot Intensity: 8 Levels
-Footprint: Trijicon RMR®
-Battery Type: CR2032
-Battery Runtime: 20,000 hours (the weakest visible dot)
-IPX6 waterproof
-MSRP: $289.90

As, more information comes out in regards to the MS-1 and MS-2 we will be sure to write an new article.

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