Back in January at Shot Show 2020 Strike Industries was debuting a lot of new products to hit the market during the 2020 fiscal year. Everything from rifles, optics, and accessories. One of those projects that was coming to fruition was the Strike Industries Glock 19 frame. Strike collaborated with Polymer 80 to build the Glock frame that SI envisioned for consumers. Now, Strike’s new G19 frame released for pre-order during the 4th of July weekend.

The new Strike Industries design language for the frame is about increasing grip to aid in proper hand placement and ergonomics. The new SI G19 frame will feautre: grip hand thumb channel with top and bottom thumb indexing points, front and rear grip grooves, support hand thumb ledge, magazine well cutouts, and other SI enhancements. Just as like all Polymer 80 frame builds it will include the jig and drill bits to properly complete your frame.

Below is the product description and features from Strike on their new G19 frame.

Product Description

The Strike 80 Compact Pistol Frame Kit combines all the usual features from a Polymer80 frame but with SI modifications and enhancements that a shooter would want in a GLOCK™ style pistol frame. This 80% compact pistol frame kit is a collaboration between Strike Industries and Polymer80.

SI designed grip hand thumb channel with top and bottom thumb indexing points. SI designed front & rear grip grooves along with keeping P80 aggressive side grip textures to ensure complete control of the pistol. SI designed support hand thumb ledge adds downward pressure on the pistol to control muzzle rise. Si designed magazine cutouts to assist with a better grip when removing magazines. Inside the trigger guard area, two bumps were added that are not available on a standard P80 frame.

One for trigger overtravel stop and one for anti-snag when wearing gloves on those cold days or nights. Don’t ever worry about slide bite with the extended beavertail on the back of the frame. Making sure we have the ever so popular trigger guard double undercut already included on P80 frames, this helps maintain a high grip to maintain recoil of the slide moving back and forth.

When it’s time to disassemble the pistol, the SI designed slide lock groove helps applying pressure to the slide lock. Enhanced ergonomics and features with high-strength reinforced polymer construction gives the Strike 80 Compact Pistol Frame Kit comfort and balance with the looks of Strike Industries stylings.

Included with the kit is the P80 locking block, rear rail, finishing jig, drill bits and end mill. Along with some tools you may already own, build yourself a complete GLOCK style pistol with compatible Strike Industries GEN3 parts.


• Grip hand thumb channel w/ top and bottom thumb indexing points
• Front & rear grip grooves
• Support hand thumb ledge
• Magwell magazine cutouts
• Inside trigger guard area bumps for overtravel stop and glove anti-snag
• Slide lock groove
• SI enhanced ergonomics and features
• High-strength reinforced polymer construction
• P80 stainless steel Locking Block Rail System (LBRS™)
• P80 stainless steel Rear Rail Module (RRM™)
• Included finishing jig, drill bits and end mill

The new SI G19 frame is available now for pre-order. Strike is looking for a end of August time of delivery. The new SI G19 frame will retail at $149.95 MSRP.

Do you see yourself picking up an SI G19 frame? If so let us know in the comments below.

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