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Last, week OSS Suppressor launched their latest addition to their Helix lineup with the Helix HX-QD 556 Ti. The new Helix HX-QD 556 Ti is a new lightweight titanium suppressor from OSS. The new suppressor is 4 oz lighter and than its steel counterpart made out of stainless steel. OSS claims unlike their other titanium suppressors the new Helix suppressor will have a longer lifespan. The new Helix HX-QD will have a suppressor life that will exceed 40,000 rounds. Which is more than most shooters will shoot in a lifetime through a specific rifle.

The new HX-QD 556 Ti is rated for full auto fire with 5.56 rifles and no barrel length restrictions. The new suppressor features OSS’s patented Flow Through technology and Torque lock technology. OSS’s new Flash Cap eliminates virtually all muzzle flash.

When it comes to sound suppressor they Helix HX-QD 556 Ti does a great job. The average decibels (dB) created from a rifle shooting 5.56/.223 is 160dB+. The new Helix reduces the decibels by 19-24 dBs to 136dB-141dB. That reduction in sound was achieved out of a 14.5 inch barrel shooting 62gr 5.56.

Here are the specs for the Helix HX-QD 556 Ti.


• Weight: 13.1 oz
• Length: 6.67 in
• Diameter: 1.60 in
• Coating: C-Series Cerakote Matte Black (Other color options available)
• Construction: Grade 5/Grade 9 Titanium, 17-4 Stainless Steel
• Muzzle Accessory: Either Flash Hider QD or •Muzzle Brake QD Available

The new Helix HX-QD 556 Ti is available now and retails for $1,199 minus the $200 tax stamp. The full price is $1,399 plus tax.

What do you think of OSS’s new Helix suppressor? Are you looking to get a suppressor? If so, did this suppressor just jump on your list? Let us know in the comments below.

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