Back in November of last year 80% Arms introduced the GST-9 to the world. When introduce back in November it was only available for preorder. Now, the first shipments are heading out and is official available for everyone.

The GST-9 is a modular 80% pistol kit built upon Glock architecture. To make the new GST-9 build kit 80% Arms did two years of R&D, while also talking to consumers to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the Glock platform. From there they took that knowledge and created the GST-9. 80% Arms took it one step further and introduced modularity into the platform. Which had never been seen before.

The GST-9 from 80% Arms is the first modular 80% pistol kit. The kit comes with two separate grip modules: a full size grip module and a compact grip module. Allowing users to decide what grip works best for them. The GST-9 also features: an extended internal rail, exaggerated gas pedal cuts, nickel mating surfaces, trigger guard undercut, and a full 1913 Picatinny rail.

Below is the press release from 80% Arms regarding the release of the GST-9. Also, included below is the product overview and features.

Press Release

Garden Grove, California – 80% ARMS is proud to announce the addition of the GST-9 to their aftermarket Glock® compatible product line. Engineered from the inside out to improve upon the original Glock® design, the GST-9 frame consolidates features not found anywhere else.

The complete GST-9 pistol kit contains everything needed to build a top-tier handgun at a production level price. The GST-9 capitalizes on all the strengths of the Generation 1-3 Glock® platform, while also incorporating the most popular aftermarket upgrades as standard features.

According to Jeff P., Operations Manager, “customers will be able to go from opening the mail to a competition or defense ready pistol in under 15 minutes.” Due to recent ATF regulations, the jig and frame rails for the GST-9 must be purchased separately from the GST-9 80% lower. Each jig includes one set of GST-9 frame rails. Frame rails are included with the jig, not with the 80% lower itself.

Sheehan H., Sr. Design Engineer noted that “We spent two years studying customer feedback to determine what features were missing among the different options in the market. We incorporated what we found and gave customers the option to choose how to build each frame.”

The GST-9 offers multiple grip modules for both a standard and a full-size frame that quickly attach to the contoured frame for improved ergonomics. Flared magwells speed up reload times. Ultra-slick nickel-coated rails, which are three-times original OEM length, keep tolerances tight and recoil managed for quick, precise shooting.

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Product Overview

The complete GST-9 pistol kit is everything you need to build a top-tier handgun, at a production level price. Engineered from the ground up to capitalize on all the strengths of the Glock® platform, while also incorporating the most common aftermarket upgrades as standard features, we’ve created a pistol that not only ships straight to your door, but outshoots you everyday of the week.


Every GST-9 Pistol comes with:

• The GST-9 Modular Frame
• GST-9 Grip Extension
• The Wraith RMR Cut Slide – Completed
• RMR Cover Plate
• AlphaWolf Black Fluted Barrel
• Glock OEM LPK

The new GST-9 is available now for $749.99. Preorders where taken back in November of last year and are being fulfilled first. There is an extreme back log of preorders according to 80% arms website. Preorders will be fulfilled first from oldest to newest. After preorders are complete the new orders will be fulfilled.

What do you think of 80% Arms GST-9? Do you think you would pick one up? Let us know in the comments below.

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    • The only new reporting is that it is available for purchase and not on preorder anymore and the first shipment of GST-9 are heading out to customers. That’s the new info and the press release from the company which is new.

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