Early this month, SIG Custom Works released the metal framed version of the P320 Carry called the P320 AXG Scorpion. Now, SIG Custom Works is giving the blackout treatment to three iconic SIG pistols. The three pistols in question are the SIG P226, P229, and P220 that will be apart of SIG Custom Works Nightmare series.

The new Nightmare series from SIG Custom Works features: a blacked out slide and frame, nickel-plated controls and trigger, X-Ray 3 Day/Night sights, and fitted with Hogue Classic Contour SL G-10 Grips. All pistols will come with 3 magazines.

The Nightmare series of pistols are chambered in 9mm (P226 and P229) and .45 ACP (P220). All the Nightmare pistols will come in SIG Custom Works premium Negrini pistol cases and includes a SIG Custom Works Challenge Coin and a certificate of authenticity.

Below is the product description from SIG SAUER on the Nightmare Series.

Product Description

The team at SIG Custom Works has reimagined three of the most iconic SIG pistols giving them the infamous blacked out Nightmare treatment. The new Nightmare Series features a blacked out Custom Works engraved slide and blacked out frame with nickel plated contrasting controls giving them the distinct Nightmare look. The Sig Sauer Nightmare Series are also the first SIG pistols to fitted with a Hogue Classic Contour SL G-10 Grip. The Nightmare Series P226 and P229 are chambered in 9mm with the P220 chambered in 45ACP, each is equipped with X-Ray 3 day/night sights and 3 magazines. The Custom Works Nightmare Series comes packaged in a premium Custom Works Negrini pistol case complete with a SIG Custom Works challenge coin and a certified custom certificate. The new Nightmare Series from SIG Custom Works. The Nightmare is back.

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