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Yesterday, social media was on fire with news of T.Rex Arms releasing their own plate carrier system. The announcement of the new plate carrier was released on the T.Rex Arms official Instagram page and Lucas’s personal Instagram page. The new plate carrier is called T.Rex Arms Armor Carrier 1 or AC1 for short.

The team at T.Rex designed the AC1 for the evolving nature of of home defense and to be prepared in the trouble times we face. When safety and security are paramount for those who are trying to be prepared for anything. They designed this carrier with that philosophy in mind and built a plate carrier to meet their high standards as a company.

The new AC1 from T.Rex Arms comes full assembled and ready to go right out of the box as a slick plate carrier. The package comes complete with: front and back plate bags, padded shoulder straps, two buckles, and elastic cummerbund with small medium or large pockets. The AC1 is also scalable allowing for you to add addition equipment. You can add a shingle, chassis or mag carrier that can be attach by Velcro or buckle system in the front. Allowing you optimal flexibility. T.Rex says this front will be compatible with most popular mag pouches on the market. The Spiritus System and Ferro Concepts mag pouches would set up very nicely on this setup.

The new AC1 comes in at an MSRP of $190. Which makes it comparable to the Ferro Concepts Slickster in price point. Which is also a scalable plate carrier system.

Below is the product description from T.Rex Arms on the new AC1.

Product Description

Body armor and plate carriers are nothing new but the demand for them has never been higher. Citizens of all walks of life are turning to body armor as a measure of preparedness in these troubled times. To meet the needs of our fellow citizens and our high standards for an armor carrier, we’ve resolved to create and supply our own.
This is the T.REX ARMS AC1.

It comes preassembled, ready to roll right out of the box as a slick plate carrier, complete with front and rear plate bags, padded shoulder straps, two buckles for attaching a placard, and an elastic cummerbund with small, medium, and large pockets.

To carry additional equipment or front-loaded magazines, you’ll need to purchase a shingle, chassis, or mag pouch and attach it to either the buckles or velcro on the front plate bag. The AC1 is compatible with most of the popular mag pouches on the market.

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