Last week, news dropped from Firearm Policy Coalition that the ATF was seeking to create new guidance on pistol braces. The anger and outrage of the firearm community was at a fervor pitch. Everyone in the industry agrees on one thing…a call to action against this encroachment of our rights and liberties.

On Friday, the ATF submitted that proposal to the Federal Register for new guidelines concerning pistol braces. With the submission of that proposal to the Federal Register we have 14 days to leave comment of our grievances on the potential proposal of the new guidelines. The time frame given to response is shorter than stated in the Gun Control Act. In the Gun Control Act it is stated that their will be a 90 day comment period. This lack of following their own guidelines shows the nefarious nature of the ATF regarding pistol braces. The ATF seek not to listen to the people and their concerns. It gives the ATF appearance of listening to satisfy certain legal parameters. Yet, not truly caring what the people have to say. This change in determination would put it within the guidelines of the Biden presidency.

Make no mistake this is an attack on your right to bear arms. It is an obvious and blatant attack on your constitutional rights as a whole. For all those who were at a fervor pitch last week it is time to put that energy into your voice being heard. If we let the ATF get away with this they will know that we are a community with bark and no bite. It will set an example for use to trampled upon us in future rulings when it comes to our 2nd Amendment rights. Your voice is essential to this fight and the freedoms we all hold dear. Once we give a freedom away it can never be given back.

In solidarity with SB Tactical, the firearm industry, and law abiding citizens The Loadout stands with you. We have submitted a comment regarding the potential new guidance by the ATF. How the ATF ruling does not act in good faith and seeks to turn millions of Americans into criminals, if not compliant. We will not stand for the tyranny of men or governments here. We hope you will stand against the tyranny of power and government also.

Below, are the comments on the ATF’s new guidance on pistol braces

Press Release

First off, the ATF is not acting in good faith with the American people or firearm manufacturers who create these pistol braces. This new determination/classification is going to hurt American made business and make millions of Americans into criminals overnight. These companies such as SB Tactical have attempted to be in compliance and reached out to the ATF for clarity on rules and guidelines. These attempts have been met with vague language and platitudes making these companies work in a grey area. The ATF determination letters should be clear and concise without ambiguous language.

Second, but most importantly this is a infringement of our 2nd Amendment rights. Any law or ruling that affects my freedom as an American to own a certain firearm is an encroachment of that freedom. Plain and simple. Our constitution states I have a right to bear arms and it shall not be infringed.

Third, the new classification doesn’t provide clear and concise language on what will be deemed as a pistol or SBR. The language used is again ambiguous and leaves it up to the determination of the potential ATF agent reviewing the pistol. Which I believe is by design. The chaotic nature of classification was to create fear causing people to turn in pistol braces or fear legal retribution.

Finally, I see this move as a obvious attempt to start a firearm registry that will lead to a gun confiscation by the incoming administration. This is a coordinated effort to stir up chaos and instill fear and compliance into the America people.

All we want is honesty and transparency. Instead all you give us is ambiguous language and no clarity.

Go and let your voice be heard!

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