Mantis X provides one of the best dry fire and live fire training systems on the market. I was introduced to the training system back in 2017 by Recoil Magazine. Recoil did a whole feature article about the Mantis X in their publication. In the article Recoil discussed how the system works and the potential training benefits for shooters. After reading the feature article I was sold. I was beyond sold. So, I went online and purchased one my very own Mantis X. I have owned the Mantis X for over two years now. The Mantis X has been an invaluable training tool to me as a shooter.

Recently, Mantis released their upgraded Mantis X3 and X10 to retail for shooters. The new Mantis X3 is a refined version of the original Mantis X. The Mantis X3 is: 40% smaller, 50% lighter, 3x the battery life and 4x the data. 

The new Mantis X10 includes all the bell and whistles of the X3 with some added features. The Mantis X10 features include: recoil analysis, draw holster analysis, dynamic shooting, and software support for all shooting sports. The Mantis X3 is priced at $169.99 and the Mantis X10 is priced at $249.99 on the Mantis website. 

Trade-In Program 

Mantis is now offering a Trade-In program for your  Mantis X. Giving you a cash incentive to invest in the new Mantis X3 or X10. Once you trade your old Mantis X in and buy a new version of the Mantis training system, Mantis will refunded you $100.

Listed below are the steps needed to be taken to receive the $100 refunded.

1. Purchase your new version of Mantis.

2. Complete the Mantis X trade-in form.

3. Mail the completed form AND your old Mantis X back to us.

Once we’ve received and confirmed the return, we will issue the $100 refund to the payment method used for the new Mantis.

Time to Upgrade! 

Once I founded about this Trade-In program Mantis was offering I was all in. Yes, I have to pay the cash up front but, I’m getting that $100 dollar refund on the back end. Which means I’m only going to pay original price of the Mantis X for my Mantis X10. That people is a steal and a deal! 

When I first heard about refunded from Mantis. The Fat Joe song, “All the way up” popped into my head. As, the chorus states, “Nothing can stop me, cause I’m all the way up!” Ladies and gentleman I will be all the way up into a new Mantis X10.

What do you think of Mantis new Trade-In Program from Mantis? Do you own and Mantis X? What are your impressions of the training aid? Or is this your first time learning about the training system? Let me know in the comments below.

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