Hello, everyone and welcome back to another entry into our unboxing series. Today, we will be unboxing another optic from Blackhound Optics. It is the Blackhound 1-4×24 FFP riflescope. This will be my second Blackhound Optic I had the chance to use. (Link to review of Blackhound’s 4-14×44 FFP). Today, we will be looking at the 1-4×24 FFP scope. This scope is mainly used for close range to medium-range engagements. Designed for distances from 0 to 400 yards.

In this unboxing we will cover the usual aka the packaging, features and specs, build quality, and first impressions of the optic. So, let’s dive into this unboxing.

Unboxing Blackhound Optics 1-4×24 FFP Riflescope

Blackhound Optics does a very good job of their products making a good first impression. The riflescope comes in this clean white box with Blackhound’s logo and Blackhound Optics written on the top lid. The box it comes is made out of good materials and gives you the overall feel of quality. I am a big fan of the flap to open the package how it is magnetized. So, when opening it there is a slight resistance and when closing it a satisfying thunk to it. The outside of the box also includes the basic specs of the riflescope. Allowing users a quick view of the specs and reticle design of their 1-4×24 FFP optic.

Inside the box you are presented with a quality again with dense foam cut out to hold your optic, mount, and accessories. Also included in the box are your instructions for the scope, tools, and a few stickers.

Overall, the unboxing experience for Blackhound Optics are top notch. Letting you know you are getting a quality product from the top down. That type of attention goes a long way for me.

Features and Specs


Blackhound’s 1-4×24 FFP is housed in 24mm aluminum chassis with a 24mm objective lens. The reticle being used is Blackhound’s HALO reticle. The HALO reticle is designed for short range, rapid target acquisition. Giving users a 1x red dot for shooting fast and a classic crosshair design when zoomed in 4x for more precise engagements.

Halo Reticle

The 1-4×24 FFP by Blackhound also features 80 MOA windage and elevation adjustment, fixed parallax, and 6 illumination settings. This optic was designed with versatility in mind giving the shooter plenty of options.

Below is the spec list on Blackhound Optics 1-4×24 FFP riflescope.


Magnification: 1-4X

Objective Lens: 24mm

Eye Relief: 3.93-3.3″

Focal Plane: FIRST (FFP)

Field of View: 112-27′ (@100yds)

Tube Size: 30mm

Turret Style: Exposed

Click Value: 1/2 MOA

Travel Per Rotation: 30 MOA

Elevation/Windage: 80 MOA

Parallax: Fixed

Length: 9.65″

Weight: 1.21 lbs

Battery: CR2032

Build Quality

Blackhound’s 1-4×24 FFP is a well built optic. It is lightweight and rugged. This was built tight with no play. The tolerances and fit of this optic turrets and zoom ring allow for smooth operation. The turrets have a pleasant audible click and wonderful tactile feedback when turning. Moving the zoom ring is stiff but smooth movement. As, the optic breaks in over use this action will become much smoother over time.


When it comes down to glass this is where Blackhound Optics usually shine. The glass on this 1-4×24 FFP is no exception. When peering through the glass the image clarity is sharp and clean. The reticle is easy to understand and clear. At, 1x it virtually looks like a red dot. Then, at 4x the reticle hashmarks are clear, crisp, and easy to understand for ranging your target. The 1-4×24 FFP is also generous with your field of view, giving you a little more to see. Finally, even though the parallax is fixed it gives you great leeway to find the eye relief that you need to see clearly through the optic.

Overall, I am impressed by the glass that is within Blackhound Optics. The glass on this optic definitely punches outside of its weight class giving you more quality and value for your hard earned money.

First Impressions

My first impressions on Blackhound’s 1-4×24 FFP are solid. We have good build quality and construction, quality glass, and a intuitive HALO reticle system. Blackhound Optics gives you a complete package that is ready to go day one. This optic comes in at $275, which is a vastly reduced price compared to other optics. Also, those optics might be in SFP (Second Focal Plane) instead of the FFP like Blackhound’s. All in all Blackhound’s 1-4×24 offers recreational shooters, competitive shooters, and hunters a great close to mid-range optic at a great price point.

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