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Last night, Georgia held its Senate Runoff election for its two senate seats in Congress. Those two seats were crucial to both Democrats and Republicans in the next congressional term starting this year. If the Republicans maintained those seats they would continue with the senate majority, lead by Minority Leader McConnell. Giving the Republicans the ability to block potentially harmful democrat legislation. If the Democrats where to win it would create a tie in the senate. Leading to the Vice President being the tie breaker on potential legislation votes. With Kamala Harris potentially the new VP, it would allow for progressive legislation to move essentially unopposed through both houses.

As, of this morning with 98% of the votes reported, Raphael Warnock (D) and Jon Ossoff (D) are the projected winners, according to the Associated Press. Warnock and Ossoff defeated Republicans Loeffler (R) and Perdue (R) in the senate runoff. These victories gives both senate seats to Democrats and creates a split senate on Captiol Hill.

Why Is It Important?

Why are Georgia’s senate seats so crucial? It is because what I spoke of earlier. In the scenario of a Republican held senate, the Republicans senators had the ability to stop harmful legislation from becoming law. In the scenario of a Democrat held senate that legislation would pass. Even, in the event of a tie. Vice President Harris would have the tie-breaking vote. Her vote would be cast upon party lines in favor of the legislation. What this means is that Democrats will be able to pass any legislation through both houses unopposed. Allowing for some very progressive legislation to pass and become law.

Let’s investigate how this will directly affect our second amendment rights.

From the beginning, Joe Biden has been very adamant about tackling firearms and gun violence during his campaign. His plans seek to strip our constitutional rights away and financially starve the industry into collapse. With a Democrat President and Congress, Biden’s gun policies will pass unopposed.

For the firearms community that means we can look forward to: AR-15s and standard magazines becoming part of the NFA, mandatory gun buybacks, the removal of online firearm and ammo purchases, incentivizing states to institute red flag laws, and much more.

This Democratic Party powerhouse would be devastating to the industry. The firearm industry would have to contend with: crackdowns on Polymer 80 frames, reclassification and potential banning of pistol braces, banning certain firearm accessories, going after Form 1 suppressors kits, and much more. Potential hurting hundreds of business big and small in the industry.

In the last few months of 2020, we seen the ATF ramp up its targeting of certain accessories and processes that are in accordance with Biden’s gun agenda.

A democrat controlled senate is a potentially catastrophic blow to our second amendment rights in this nation. You will have three options: (1) register your semi-automatic weapons and standard capacity magazines under the NFA (2) sell your guns back to the federal government (3) willful non-compliance. The latter essentially making you a felony for using your constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. A democrat held house and senate is disaster for the firearms industry and community.

This Is Only The Beginning

As, an industry and community everything is shaping up to be the fight of our lives when it comes to our freedoms. This is where we take our stand and hold the line! We must be unified as an industry and community in this fight. We can take peaceful subjugation and acceptance of our fate or we can be defiant and defend our constitutional rights. We have two options either fight or surrender. I choose to fight for the principles of individualism, freedom, and liberty that the founders of this nation bestowed upon us. Buckle up ladies and gentlemen the fight has only begun.

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