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This year has been a quiet and interesting Shot Show 2021. This amid the lockdowns and restrictions due to the pandemic. Shot was cancelled and reorganized into an online only event. During this week very few firearms, gear, or accessories released or announced. We do have SOG announcing their 2021 lineup for knives and multi-tools.

Let’s take a look and see what SOG has set for release in 2021.

Pentagon FX

SOG’s Pentagon FX system of knives is a highly capable and thoroughly modern solutions for users looking for a fixed blade duty knife. Includes our newly developed Universal Mounting System sheath design, that’s configurable to the mission needs of the user.

• Full tang CRYO S35VN steel blades
• Double-edged, Titanium Nitride coated blade
• Removeable single-fastener G10 handles
• Configurable Universal Mounting System
• GRN sheath, full-size includes tool-less draw-force adjustment

Available in two sizes:

• Pentagon FX – 4.77 in / 121 mm blade length
• Pentagon FX Covert – 3.41 in / 87 mm blade length
• Pentagon FX is offered in Blackout and Flat Dark Earth configurations.

The Pentagon FX will be available in the fall of this year, at $166.95 and $221.95 MSRP, respectively.

Pentagon OTF

Pentagon OTF makes a huge leap in mechanical design to deliver a consistently performing and capable automatic, with solid rattle-free blade lock-up utilizing SOG’s Dynamic Locking System.

Pentagon OTF features a rugged textured anodized aluminum handle, with a 3.79-inch, double-edged CRYO S35VN steel blade.

• CRYO S35VN steel blade
• Double-edged, Titanium Nitride coated blade
• Reliable Dynamic Locking System blade lock-up
• Large, easy to use slide button
• Anodized 7075 aluminum handles
• Pentagon OTF is offered in Blackout and Flat Dark Earth configurations.

The Pentagon OTF will be available this fall also and retail at $388.95 MSRP.

Terminus XR LTE

30% lighter than a standard Terminus XR, the Light Edition features updated handle and clip design, with carbon fiber liners to reduce weight. Terminus XR LTE features SOG’s super-strong XR Lock technology with and a TiNi coated, CRYO S35VN steel blade.

The LTE series swaps metallic liners for carbon fiber. Just as durable, but far lighter and easier to manipulate and carry. Utilizing high-strength carbon fiber components, LTE knives provide the best of both worlds — the benefit of a full size knife and a lightweight tool you can trust.

When you need to travel light, Terminus LTE lets you carry a mid-sized EDC without any extra weight. Sleek, understated, and built with some of the best materials available, Terminus XR LTE is one of SOG’s top choices for daily carry.

Carbon + Gold or Carbon + Graphite color options.

The Terminus XR LTE will be available this month and will retail at $139.95 MSRP.

Light Edition Kiku XR LTE

Light Edition Kiku XR LTE delivers a muscular, large-format folder in a welterweight upgrade. It minimizes weight — 1.5 oz lighter than the regular Kiku XR — yet maintains a rugged level of performance that outdoor users demand.

Kiku XR LTE delivers a statement of strength and nimbleness. With carbon fiber liners and spacer helping to shave 1.5 ounces off the standard version, this large-format folder is built around SOG’s ultra-strong XR locking mechanism, while the TiNi coated CTS XHP steel blade offers superior corrosion resistance and edge retention.

The Kiku XR LTE will also be available in January and will retail for $224.95 MSRP.


SOG-TAC AU is a ground-up redesign of our best-selling side-opening automatic, with the introduction of ambidextrous opening, using SOG’s incredibly strong XR-Lock system.

• Reversible clip
• Integrated Double-action Safety
• Ambidextrous operation
• Hard-anodized textured aluminum handle
• CRYO D2 steel blade

Available in three sizes:

• SOG-TAC AU – 3.43 in / 87 mm blade length
• SOG-TAC AU Compact – 2.94 in / 75 mm blade length
• SOG-TAC AU Compact CA Special – 1.96 in / 50mm blade length
• SOG-TAC AU will be offered in Blackout at launch.

The SOG-TAC AU will be available the fall of this year and will retail between $138.95-$166.95 MSRP.

Pro-Grip Multi-Tool

For PopGrip Multi-tool, we’ve partnered with PopSockets to create a convenient way to carry compact yet useful tools anywhere you take your cell phone. PopSockets make one of the most popular phone accessories out there, with over 100 million sold!

The multi-tool is magnetically latched using SOG’s TwistMag™ design. The compact tool is designed to solve common daily problems, with 5 tools in 1 — with Bottle Opener, Pry bar, Slotted Screwdriver, and 1/4″ and 4 mm hex bit drivers.

• Phone grip and stand
• Multi-tool offers 5 tools in 1
• Swappable top
• Twist off top to charge on wireless charger
• Repositionable and sticks to most devices and cases
• PopGrip Multi-tool is offered in Blackout, Civic Cyan, and Moss Green — matching SOG’s other Daily offerings.

The Pro-Grip Multi-Tool will be available in April of this year and will retail for $24.95 MSRP.

It looks like SOG has a solid release of knives and multi-tools for a diverse range of applications and needs. You just have to find the right one for you.

What did you think of SOG’s 2021 releases? Let us know in the comments below.

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