Today, President-Elect Joe Biden will be sworn in today as 46th President Of The United States Of America. With this transition of power we will see the transition of policy ideas and new legislation during these next four years. The next four years will be critical to preserving our first and secondment rights in this great nation.

The Battle On The Second Amendment

During the 2020 Presidential campaign President Biden made it clear he would be tackling firearms and gun violence in America. He has been vocal and clear on his attentions to limit our second amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

President Biden has been vocal in his campaign against the second amendment. Giving us many examples of how he plans to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms. He has made comments such as, “We’ll take your AR-14s away” or “You cannot have weapons that have 20, 30, 40, 50, clips in a weapon.” While also making comments on a weapons ban, “Weapons of war have no place in our communities. We need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.”

President Biden motivation and goals are clear—to restrict law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. He plans on directing his administration to put legislation in place to institute a weapon and magazine ban, impose a mandatory buyback program, and dismantle the NRA. We know where he stands and how he will direct his administration on his policy directives.

President Biden Policies On Gun Control

If you search President Biden’s gun policy his administration is taking a holistic, methodical, and tactical approach to the dismantling of our constitutional rights. The Biden Administration is looking to make sweeping changes not only federally also at state and local levels. The gun policies his administration plans to enact seek to restrict your rights out of existence.

President Biden cornerstone policies are the same ones I mentioned earlier in the article. With these cornerstones policies are this administration’s foundation. The supporting legislation on the state and local means our rights will be restricted on all three levels of government.

If you look closely you can see how this administration is setting up the policy dominoes so President Biden can watch them fall.

First, he wants to reinstate the ‘94 weapons ban with one major caveat—turning the AR platform into an NFA item. By doing that means millions of Americans would have to register their AR-15 with the ATF under the NFA. Which will create a gun registry. Yet, President Biden isn’t only targeting the AR platform. He is also potentially targeting all semi-automatic pistols and shotguns. This registration of firearms will cost you $200 per weapons. Plus the addition $200 per magazine. Which will make the price of gun ownership astronomical expensive for millions of Americans.

Next, the Biden Administration would institute a mandatory buy back program. He created a strategic dilemma for Americans. Do I keep my firearms illegally? Do I reluctantly pay the tax stamps and register? Or do I sell my firearms to the government? Most Americans don’t want to be outside the law and will sell there firearms back to government. Americans will sell there guns back to the government at pennies on the dollar. Nowhere, near matching the money they invested in the firearms.

With these two move policy plans he has restricted your constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

Finally, he will look to put in place a national licensing system for firearms and ammunition. In that system you would need a federal license to own and buy firearms and ammunition in the U.S. His administration is also seeking adjacent policies to ban the sale of firearms and ammunition online. While incentivizing on the state and local level to implement gun licensing.
This legislation is the most nefarious policy of them all. Let’s say the new weapons ban doesn’t pass legislation to become a law. The administration could potentially use the state and local licensing programs to create an ad hoc registration. It would be done on a federal level but, at a state and local level. Which I imagine the federal government could get if it petition the state for that information.


President Biden gun policies are methodical and surprisingly tactical. He intends on causing a strategic dilemma for millions of Americans when it comes to our second amendment rights.

President Biden is not the purveyor or arbiter of the Constitution or Bill of Rights. He seeks to tell the American people when there rights end and being. You were not granted authority to interpret the Constitution. That power was giving to the Supreme Court of this nation. Your position was to be the leader of the executive branch and this nation and to uphold and defend the Constitution. Now, you seek to grossly overstep your powers and to trample on the rights of millions of Americans because you have deemed yourself worthy to be purveyor and arbiter of our constitution and rights. I’m sorry Mr. President it doesn’t work that way.

The firearms industry and community must be in the same page on defending our constitutional rights. We must be in lockstep. We have to dictate the narrative and work to change the culture. We have to be prepared and be advocates for the community. At this point…it’s game time. It’s all or nothing. We have to be absolutists in regards to our rights.

If we show one speck of division the Biden administration will crush our rights. Now, is the time to use your voice and stand tall with courage. We will face some storms and we will face them together. We have to defend and preserve our freedoms so the next generation can enjoy those freedoms.

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