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Recently, the ATF has shutdown AutoKeyCard and seized its website domain. The ATF has also arrested the owner Kristopher Ervin for the manufacturing of a machine gun. For those uninitiated, AutoKeyCard is/was a company who designed high-end metal business cards for clients. On one of those business card designs featured the outline of the fabled lighting link from back in the day.

Actual Lighting Link

The lightning link is a piece of bent metal that can allow a standard semi automatic AR-15 to be fired in full auto. This is done by dropping the manufactured auto sear into the lower receiver. As of March 7th, 2021, the AutoKeyCard website has been seized and owner Kristopher Ervin has been arrested for allegedly manufacturing machine guns.

As, stated before AutoKeyCard made high-end metallic business cards for savvy business professionals (i.e. architects, lawyers, and digital designers). The business cards designed by Mr. Ervin company doesn’t come anywhere within the realm of a machine gun. It is a simple design etched upon a metal business card. Any schematic could have been put on the business card does that mean it could make said product? This is a leap by any stretch of the imagination that the ATF is making that this business card is specifically designed to be turned into a lighting link. Then, making the leap that the person(s) who bought these expensive business card under the sole purpose to readily convert them into AR-15 auto sears is another leap within itself.

The ATF has cited the reason for the shutdown and seizure of the AutoKeyCard website about possessing the parts to readily assembly a machine gun. This assertion by the ATF seems to be reaching for straws and frivolous. Simply an etched design upon a metal business card does not make a machine gun.

Diagram of an installed Lighting Link

Now, there are drop in auto seats that are available on pre-86 ban transferables. Also, a very small amount are available for sell to SOT manufacturers but, are illegal to own or make otherwise for a normal gun owner. I do not believe it was the intent of AutoKeyCard or Mr. Ervin to be out of compliance by the ATF by making a high-end business card for clients.

The ATF has now stated that ownership or possession of any AutoKeyCard to be a felony on the grounds that the owner is in possession of an item the violates the NFA. As, a result you could face a fine up to $250 for each “device” owned. The ATF has also advised anyone who owns an AutoKeyCard to contact them so it can be turned in. The ATF has not stated if they would grant any type of amnesty for those with such items.

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