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Last week, Americans witnessed another violent shooting in one of our communities. This time the violence took place in the city of Boulder, Colorado at a King Soopers grocery store located on the 3600 block of Table Mesa.

As, the deadly shooting unfolded information was scarce and fleeting due the dynamic nature of the event. We where original giving the report of shooting suspect as a white male, middle-aged, dark hair, beard, wearing a short sleeved shirt and plate carrier. That information was from original reports to 9-1-1 dispatchers.

As, the investigation began after the capture of the suspect we found out that some of that initial information was incorrect. The shooter at King Soopers was not a white male nor middle aged but, a 21-year old of Syrian descent. His name is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. Police are in the initial parts of their investigation and do not know the motive that lead to his violent outburst of death and destruction. The question for us now is to investigate who is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa.

Much is not known about Alissa. The details I have been able to gather are from two different news articles. One from CNN and the second from the Associated Press. From these two articles I was able to piece the together the basic information we know about Alissa. This gives us a small glimpse and look into the young man that committed these heinous acts of violence against humanity. Hopefully, as the investigation furthers and the Boulder PD releases more information to the public we can get a better understanding of Alissa’s makeup and mindset. Family has described him as anti-social and paranoid to police during their initial investigation into Alissa.

Let’s investigate more about Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa.

Background Of Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was born in Syria in 1999. In 2002, when Ahmad was a toddler his parents emigrated from Syria to the U.S. and settled down in the Colorado area. He grew up living in a good home and became a us citizen.

While growing up he was known for having a temper, which caused classmates to shy way from interactions with him, according Damien Cruz. Cruz is a classmate who has known Alissa since the fifth grade.

Ahmad was also teased by bullies in high school because of his name and being Muslim. Which is brother believes lead to his anti-social tendencies when speaking with CNN.

Paranoid Tendencies Of Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa

In 2014, his elder brother Ali Alissa began noticing that his younger brother (Ahmad) was becoming paranoid. Alissa began to believe that he was being followed and chased by someone. At one point, Alissa began covering the webcam of his laptop with duct tape over the fears of someone watching him. Due to this paranoia the family began to watch Ahmad actions closely to make sure he wasn’t taking his paranoia and delusions too far.

On March 18th 2019, Alissa made accusations that his former High school was hacking his phone, Alissa’s wrote in a Facebook post. Then in July 5th 2019, he claimed people where hacking his phone again.

When family and friends asked for evidence why he believed this, Ahmad replied, “I believe part racism for sure. But I also believe someone spread rumors about me which are false and maybe that set it off.”

According to his brother Ahmad was not very political or religious. His brother says he never heard his younger brother threaten to use violence.

Violent Outbursts by Ahmad Alissa

Yet, while in high school there are two incidents of threats of violence and a act of violence against another student. In the first altercation Ahmad was kicked off the wrestling team for threatening to kill and harm coaches and players after losing a match in practice.

The second was when he assaulted a fellow student and was charged with third-degree assault. According to students who witnessed the attack it was unwarranted and unprovoked. When police investigated the incident Alissa advised the police that the student made racial and offensive remarks towards him weeks before. For the assault Ahmad Alissa was sentence to one year probation and 48 of community service.

Intel Wrap-Up

Our information on Ahmad Alissa is limited at this moment and time but, from the information we gathered he seems like a normal young man with some key emotional issues and trauma. Family and friends stated from an early age he dealt with anger and had a difficult fitting in socially which drove him to be anti-social. In high school the family began to notice paranoid tendencies while he was also being bullied. He believed that people were following him and hacking his phone and computer. He believed that his bullying and being tracked was due to racism and Islamophobia of students and teachers. We this limited information we can put together a picture of a young man who was suffering and did not have the right resources giving to him to address his mental and emotional state that potentially lead to this escalation of violence.

What do you think this information tells us about Ahmad Alissa? Let us know in the comments below.

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