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The firearm industry continues to witness a boom as we see a continuing trend of record high background checks in the spring of 2021. In the month of March we witnessed a record high for NICS background checks. According to FBI data, the bureau conducted 4.69 million background checks, which breaks the record high set back in January of this year.

The FBI’s background checks were up 36% compared to February of this year. In February the FBI conducted 3.44 million background checks for firearm purchases. March seen an additional 1.26 million more background checks conducted compared to to a month earlier.

Of the Top 10 days of most background checks conducted in 2021, six where from March 2021, according to FBI data, which includes the Top 3 days for most checks. Following the deadly shootings in Atlanta and Boulder gun sales soared and five of the Top 10 days occurred following the shootings.

As for individual states, Illinois had the most background checks conducted with more than 1.4 million checks. Kentucky came in second with 330,476 checks on the NICS system.

Inbound gun control legislation and deadly violence are the catalyst driving background checks and firearm sales to soar here in the U.S. in 2020 and 2021. As, we see a constraint of people rights to keep and bear arms, we will continue to see a high volume on background checks and sales.

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