Last week, during President Biden’s executive orders on gun control he nominated David Chipman as the potential new director of the ATF. Mr. Chipman is a former ATF agent and out spoken proponent to gun control legislation. He sits upon the board of directors of the anti-gun organization Gifford’s Courage. FARC has released a statement critical of Mr. David Chipman’s nomination as the new ATF Director. While pointing out the ramifications his potential appointment means to the second amendment.

Below, is the press statement from FRAC President Travis R. Stevens-White.

Press Release

Dear Industry Members, Allies, and Supporters,

Yesterday, the Biden Administration announced the nomination of Mr. David Chipman, a former ATF agent and now outspoken gun control figure, to be head of the ATF. Notwithstanding Mr. Chipman’s prior experience as an agent, this appointment demonstrates an intent to inhibit the fundamental rights of We the People to keep and bear arms codified in the second amendment to the United States Constitution by playing politik through the regulatory enforcement agency that acts as gatekeeper for our nation’s firearms industry. Our industry is both dedicated and crucial to the exercise of core constitutional rights to self-defense, as well as traditional American past times as hunting and sports shooting by the American people. The nomination is an outright affront to our industry and a danger to our 2nd amendment rights.

In Liberty,
Travis R. Stevens-White
President & CEO

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