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Mossberg collaboration with the legendary shooter Jerry Miculek gave birth to Mossberg 940 JM Pro. This shotgun was an instant success for Mossberg. So, much that it spawned a few different iterations of that shotgun for different hunting applications. The JM 940 Pro birthed the 940 Pro Field, Pro Waterfowl, and Pro Turkey models. It was only natural that Mossberg would make a tactical variant which leads us to the 940 Pro Tactical. Let’s see what the new Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical has to offer.

The new 940 Pro Tactical takes from the excellent foundation laid by Mossberg and Jerry Miculek with the 940 JM Pro. The new 940 Pro Tactical features an 18.5 smooth bore barrel, an enlarged operating handle and bolt release. The bolt release isn’t as prominent as on the JM Pro to reduce the chance of accidentally sending the bolt forward. The Pro Tactical also features the same beveled shell elevator just like the original JM Pro for easier loading of shells.

The 940 Pro Tactical features a redesigned gas system compared to the JM Pro. This refreshed design is meant to improve both function and ease of maintenance with higher invertals between cleanings. Mossberg says this shotgun can go 1,500 rounds before a cleaning. You can technically go longer but, Mossberg doesn’t recommend that do to the potential of parts to cease up due to high carbon build up around parts.

Photo from The Firearm Blog

One of the interesting design choices from Mossberg was to make the 940 Pro Tactical optics ready from factory. Mossberg cut into the receiver to create a low profile optic mounting solution for this shotgun. The new 940 Pro Tactical uses Shield RMSc pattern micro red dots. The optics ready version was original just a one off project from Mossberg to see if it could be done. During testing within Mossberg and at media events for the 940 JM Pro attendees were interested in a optics ready variant of the shotgun.

Below, is the product description and specs for the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical.

Product Description

The New, Optic-Ready 940 Pro Tactical Autoloader. This 940 Pro model comes optic-ready, with receiver cuts that accept low-profile direct mounting of Shield RMSc-pattern micro dot sights— for improved eye alignment and target acquisition (a cover plate is included for when an optic is not in use).

Inside, you will find a durable gas system that allows for up to 1500 rounds between cleanings, and a host of corrosion-resistant internal parts/finishing (nickel boron-coated gas piston, magazine tube, hammer and sear); plus an enlarged/beveled loading port, elongated elevator, and anodized follower for smooth operation.

Outside, the adjustable stock allows for 1.75″ of LOP flexibility; the stock and streamlined forend feature Mossberg signature texturing for a secure grip; a barrel clamp provides accessory flexibility via M-LOK mounting slots; and a front fiber optic sight helps keep you on target.


• Capacity: 8-rounds (7+1 with 2.75″ Shells)

• Gauge: 12-Gauge

• Chamber: 3-Inch

• Barrel: 18.5″

• Choke: Cylinder Choke with Accu-Choke compatibility

• Length of Pull: Adjustable

• Stock: Synthetic stock Adjustable for Drop and Cast

• Weight: 7.5 lbs

The new Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical is on sale now and should start arriving to gun stores soon. The MSRP for Mossberg’s new shotgun is $1,120 MSRP.

Are you interested in the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical? Let us know in the comments below.

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