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Vista Outdoors has many major outdoor brands under its umbrella that customers know and love. This has lead to the company announcing the launch of Vista Outdoors Corporate Foundation. This non-profit is setup to support conservation efforts to make sure future generations can enjoy the outdoors as well. Upon opening the foundation an initial $3 million dollar contribution was made to the foundation.

Below, is the press release from Vista Outdoors detailing the yobjectives of the Vista Outdoors Corporate Foundation.

Press Release

Purpose, Vision & Commitment


To be known as a passionate outdoor company with the brands, products and culture that unite people around a shared love and responsibility for the outdoors.


To build powerhouse brands that empower people to achieve their goals and live their best outdoor lives.


Put People First: A strategy is worthless without the right team. We recruit for, support and invest in talent that will be dedicated and confident employees who will deliver our long-term impact and success.

Create Safe Environments: The well-being and physical safety of our employees, along with the safe design, manufacture and use of our products, is paramount to our purpose.
Lead through Innovation: We challenge conventions and discover the unmet needs of our outdoor communities so we can create products to elevate the experience of our consumers. Pursuing innovation and maintaining high quality standards is in the DNA of Vista Outdoor, our processes and the performance of our products.

Promote Stewardship and Participation: Our duty is to preserve wildlife and enhance the wild places where they live. We will be catalysts to advocate for policy that protects these spaces while ensuring responsible use and access for all. Furthermore, we will pursue sustainable business operations to ensure a light footprint on our environment.Funding requests will be considered from prospective non-profit partners that meet the following criteria:
Recognized by the IRS as a Public Charity and headquartered in the United States.
Have a mission and objectives that are aligned with that of the Foundation’s.
Demonstrated track record in effective programming, organizational and financial management.

Have an ability to demonstrate the impact of its programs and share progress against stated objectives with the Foundation.

As, stated before Vista Outdoors has major brands that fall under its umbrella with a few well-known firearm companies. This non-profit by Vista Outdoors is a smart move by championing conservation efforts surrounding outdoor study. By doing this Vista is protecting and supporting many of the places where your customers will use their products today and in the future. The Foundation will start considering request from qualified non-profits this summer. More information on this process can be found at

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