Recently, ZRO Delta added a new rifle to its popular Ready Series lineup with the new 17.76 LVOA rifle. Unlike other rifles offered in the Ready Series the 17.76 LVOA has limited number of accessories to choose from. ZRO Delta provides users with a solid foundation for customization.

The 17.76 in ZRO Delta’s new rifle is an obvious nod to the year 1776, in which the United States declared independence from British rule. The new 17.76 LVOA features: a 16” inch .223 Wylde barrel, 17.76” inch free floating LVOA rail, ambidextrous bolt release, ELG Fire Control group, and Mission First stock and grip.

Below, is the product description and specs for the ZRO Delta 17.76 LVOA.

Product Description

The Ready Series® 17.76” LVOA™ delivers all of the performance of the Range Ready, but with a non-pinned and welded 16” barrel that provides the user the ability to add a sound suppressor. With 17.76 inches of freedom, the LVOA™ handguard will support sound suppressors with an external diameter up to 1.5”. The rifle comes standard with an ambidextrous bolt release, Mission First Tactical stock and grip, ELG trigger, LVOA™ Rail, and Top-Hat™ muzzle device.


• 7075 Forged Receiver Set
• 16” 1:8 .223 Wylde Nitride Barrel
• Mil-Spec Configuration w/ Ambi Bolt Release
• Top-Hat Muzzle Device
• ELG Fire Control Group
• 17.76” Free Floating LVOA Rail
• Mission First Minimalist Stock and Grip
• Weight: 6.7 lbs.
• Length: 36.5″ (Fully Extended Stock)

ZRO Delta’s 17.76 LVOA is a dealer’s exclusive and no MSRP is mentioned currently on their website. For more on ZRO Delta check out their website,

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