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PROOF Research is known for making some of the best barrels that money can buy. PROOF specializes in making precision barrels for bolt action rifles and AR patten rifles. As, well as crafting complete rifles form the ground up. PROOF has recently also one contracts to provide barrels for other weapons system contracts brought by the Department of Defense. Recently, PROOF Research was just awarded a new military contract for “medium caliber” weapon systems.

PROOF Research asserts they are an industry leading manufacturer of composite aerospace/defense materials and components. Components and materials PROOF uses to build their precision rifle barrels as well as their custom rifles. These highly engineered barrels and rifles from PROOF provide extreme performance and accuracy with a weight reduction of up to 50%.

Here’s a statement from David Curliss, PROOF’s Advance Composites General Manager on the performance advantages of Proof barrels to the military.

“PROOF’s composite materials technology is unique in that it opens up the weapon design space to enable performance advantages that cannot be achieved with traditional materials and techniques. We design and build medium caliber weapon system barrels and components with characteristics previously not attainable.”

Advanced Composites Division General Manager and project Principal Investigator, David Curliss, PhD.

PROOF’s success with the small caliber contract shows the ability of the company to build exceptional barrels at scale while meeting the military needs. While keeping the attention to detail while also refining and improving the weapon systems of our warfighters. The contract awarded to PROOF is valued at $12.7 million dollars. The money will be used for the development of a prototype barrel for the Next Generation Weapon System.

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