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SilencerCo is one of the well-known brand within the industry when in the world of silencers, also known as suppressors. Since the company’s inception back in 2008, they have designed and built some of the best suppressors on the market. While also bringing innovation and creativity to the industry. SilencerCo brought us the integrally suppressed Maxim 9 pistol that looks like it’s ripped out of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. To the Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor. Even creating lower receivers for the AR-15 platform. The company has always been willing to think outside the box as they seek to be an industry leader.

SilencerCo’s next project is no different. As, they seek to change people’s perspectives on firearm ownership here in America. While also opening up a national dialogue on firearms in the nation. The company understands the challenges and struggles that firearm ownership brings during this very anti-gun sentiment that swept across parts of the nation. Firearms and firearm ownership is demonized by the news media, politicans, and anti-gun groups. That cycle of misinformation from those sources has created a massive misconception about firearms and the men and women who own them. Along, with the influx of new shooters over the last year or so due to pandemic and riots that swept across the nation. We need a source to properly inform them of the commonality of gun ownership. While understanding the need to disrupt misinformation with correct information along way. Which will create a national dialogue that is key to community and industry’s success. In effort to add substance and meaning to the dialogue to the conversation SilencerCo has created a new video series called the American Gun.

The new video series is meant to illustrate the commonality of firearms among Americans from all different walks of life. The video series will be released monthly by SilencerCo. The first video titled American Gun: The Realtor has already dropped. The first video released on July 14th, 2021. Below, is a press release from SilencerCo on the release of the new American Gun series.

Press Release


July 14, 2021 — West Valley City, UT — SilencerCo is excited to launch “American Gun,” a series of videos featuring vastly different kinds of gun owners around America that will illustrate the commonality of firearms among people from all walks of life. The first video, “American Gun: The Realtor,” will be released, July 14th, 2021, with a series of videos to follow on a monthly basis.

In the premier video, JoAnna, a single mother and real estate professional from North Carolina, tells SilencerCo why she carries concealed. As the youngest of 28 kids, she is the first entrepreneur and first girl in her family to own a gun. When a wave of rape incidents started occurring with real estate agents in her area, JoAnna decided it was time to learn how to protect herself.

“Feeling the power that you have in your hand and what you can do with it is going to make you more of who you already are,” said JoAnna. “It’s not a weapon against someone, it’s protection for myself.”

In a time when conversations surrounding firearms are very contentious, SilencerCo has taken it upon themselves to illustrate the true story of the American gun owner. “American Gun” is an intimate look at the foundation of American Freedom, focusing on the right to bear arms and the vast diversity of people that exists among those who support the second amendment across this country.

Each video in the American Gun series will showcase a different perspective from an individual who uses firearms in their daily lives. In order to force more authenticity and leave less room for error, SilencerCo used only film for the still shots included in this project.

“Still photography in the modern day has become synonymous with deception, digital manipulations meant to appear grander than reality,” said Jace LeRoy, Photographer and Media Director at SilencerCo. “American Gun is all about the truthful depiction of the typical gun owner in America and capturing their images on film will give the audience a closer look into their lives in a way they are not used to seeing.”

These videos will be featured on SilencerCo’s YouTube channel and social media platforms. They are meant to be shared and re-shared, sparking an honest conversation surrounding firearms.

To view the first American Gun video, visit

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