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A couple of weeks ago, True Velocity unveiled their limited run commemorative box sets of their .308 ammunition to the market. The box sets included: 22-rounds of ammunition, a DOPE book, and a commemorative True Velocity challenge coin. Fast forward a couple weeks, and True Velocity has announced that their .308 WIN ammunition is available to the masses.

Below, is the product description and ballistic data of the composite based .308 WIN ammunition.

Product Description

The True Velocity .308 WIN composite cartridge is designed for perfection. Included in the custom packaging are 20 state-of-the-art, composite-cased True Velocity rounds loaded with 168-grain Nosler Custom Competition HPBT projectiles.

With a 30% reduction in weight compared to traditional brass rounds and unprecedented accuracy and consistency, True Velocity’s precisely manufactured ammunition provides serious shooters with a serious advantage.

Ballistic Data

True Velocity’s .308 WIN ammunition is available now on their website and retails for $69.99 MSRP for 20-rounds. That equates to $3.5 per round of this composite based ammunition which is quite expensive. This ammunition is definitely geared toward a certain market of shooters. Mainly those in the precision shooting arena.

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