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A couple weeks ago, Bushmaster Firearms announced their return to the firearms industry and their plan moving forward for the beleaguered company to rise from the ashes. In its return to the market Bushmaster will have a razor sharp focus. The company will focus on their QRC and M4 Partolman series of rifles first. Eventually, moving to refine and improve the long abandoned Adaptive Combat Rifle, also known as the ACR.

Recently, Bushmaster has introduced their new Dedicated Marksman 2-Stage Trigger (DM2S). The new trigger will be compatible with all mil-spec AR-15 lowers. The new DM2S will feature: a curved trigger bow, trigger pull weight of 3-4.5 lbs, and come with mil-spec sized pins. The new DM2S trigger was designed with military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters in mind. Price hasn’t been giving on the new trigger yet. The article will be updated when that information becomes available.

Below is the production description and features from Bushmaster’s website.

Product Description

The Bushmaster™ DM2S, Dedicated Marksman 2 Stage Trigger is high quality, intricate and Proven™ for you. Our DM2S™ gives the users a more competitive feel and precision. Curated for competition, hunting, home defense, military, and law enforcement.


• AR15 Platform
• 12 – 4.56 lbs. unlubricated pull weight
• 12 – 3.71 lbs. lubricated pull weight
• Curved Trigger Bow
• Mil Spec Pin Size

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