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Speer Ammunition is Awarded Duty Ammo Contract For Miami-Dade Police Department

Speer Ammunition has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing premium defensive ammunition tailored for law enforcement and personal defense. Their hollow point ammunition, available for both pistols and rifles, stands out as a lethal and exceptionally crafted choice. Over time, Speer Gold Dot has emerged as the top ammunition preference for numerous police agencies across the United States and globally. Notably, the Miami-Dade Police Department recently entrusted Speer Ammunition with a significant contract to manufacture 9mm 124-grain +P and .223 Rem 75-grain Gold Dot ammunition.

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SOG Releases The Durable Provider FX Fixed Blade

Recently, SOG announced their latest offering in their fixed blade series of knives, the Provider FX. The new fixed blade by SOG was designed to be durable and robust, with clean lines and a sophisticated style. The Provider FX was designed for outdoorsmen, hunters, and everyday carry/self-defense. The new blade from SOG features a 3.75” blade made out of 154CM steel, and this provides the quintessential balance of corrosion, blade hardening, and ease of sharpening your knife.

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Federal Ammunition Releases the New lineup Of Train + Protect In 10mm

Over the last couple of years, there has been a slow resurgence in the popularity of 10mm. Earlier this year Glock released the G20 Gen 5 in 10mm. While SIG SAUER released the SIG X-Ten with great success. With that increase in popularity, Federal Ammunition has jumped into the fray. Federal Ammunition is proud to announce the expansion of its Train + Protect lineup with the Train + Protect 10mm.

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CRKT Release The New Provoke EDC Knife

CRKT makes quality knives, axes, and multi-tools at a fair price. Recently, CRKT released the new Provoke EDC knife. The Provoke EDC uses the same Kinematic technology from the original Provoke Karambit released a few years ago. Many users wanted the Kinematic technology in a normal but didn’t need it in a karambit knife style.