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Only days before Shot Show OSS Suppressor made a pivotal shift and changed their name to Huxwrx. The name changed was based on the company shifting philosophy and mission. Going from a company that just makes suppressors to a company that makes suppressors that are cleaner to shoot for the end user.

Below, is the press release for Huxwrx in regards to the rebranding and shifting mission of the company.

Press Release

Signature reduction and user safety have always been at the forefront of our mission. in 2020, OSS began testing our patented flow-through™ suppressors against traditional baffle suppressors for toxic blowback. Toxic blowback primarily consists of carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and ammonia. on average, the amount of toxic gas that was being emitted back at the shooter’s face from a traditional baffle suppressor was 265% higher than with a flow-through™ suppressor.

It was at that moment everything changed…

In 2021, we made the decision to change our identity and commit our focus and our development to building dedicated safety systems to protect our end users.

HUXWRX safety company is a human exposure workshop dedicated to building products that are optimized for the safety and health of our customers without compromising efficiency or performance. we are a group of highly dedicated individuals that are deeply passionate about our mission and we are committed to bringing the best possible products to our end users while providing top-notch customer support. American manufacturing will always be a pillar of our brand and we proudly build all of our suppressors right here in Millcreek, Utah.

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