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Last night, news broke from Gun Owners of America (GOA) that they had received a leaked internal email written by the ATF. In that email the Agency had written and distributed instructions to its field how to deal with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who are in possession of Forced Reset Triggers (FRT) by Rare Breed and Big Daddy Unlimited.

This saga began last year, when Rare Breed Triggers and Big Daddy Unlimited were sent cease and desist letters from the ATF in regards to their FRTs. In those letters the Agency’s Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division (FATD) classified Rare Breed’s and Big Daddy’s FRTs as machine guns. This interpretation and classification by the Agency meant that FRTs are illegal and in violation of the National Firearms Act (NFA). Putting the control and regulation of these devices under the purview of the ATF.

Further in the email leaked to GOA, it seems that the ATF is preparing to confiscate FRTs from those who are in possession of them. That means the agents will be going after manufacturers, distributors, and retailers soon. In the email the ATF gave its field offices and agents the authority to demand the triggers from those who are in possession of them. If the manufacturers, distributors, or retailers refuse to comply the ATF still has the ability to confiscate FRT. While also confiscating all records pertaining to the FRTs. Additionally, Financial Management Services (FMS) we keep a total of FRTs confiscated while also keeping the number of defendants in possession of the triggers.

Below, is a screen grab of the letter from the ATF provided by MrGunsandGear.

ATF Internal Email

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