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Recently, Norma Ammunition has announced the introduction of its NXD Defensive round. This new round by Norma doesn’t depend on the expansion of the projectile for it’s deadliness, but rather a sold injection molded fluted copper projectile to increase its lethality on the target. The solid projectile transfers an extreme amount of energy into the target while also offering less felt recoil to the user allowing for faster follow up shots.

Norma’s NXD Defensive rounds are 65-grain projectiles that are screaming at 1730 feet pre second. Which is moving considerably faster the a lot of modern defensive rounds on the market. While the projectiles themselves might be light but it makes up for it in velocity and energy upon target. Which should make this Norma NXD Defensive ammunition a suitable choice for your defensive needs.

Below, is the product description from Norma on its new NXD Defensive ammunition.

Product Description

Introducing the Norma NXD or Non-eXpanding Defensive ammo. Available in 9mm, the NXD is a 65 grain molded copper projectile that boasts a lighter recoil, allowing faster, more accurate follow-up shots. The NXD’s extreme terminal performance on-target is achieved with the help of its fluted projectile. This technology produces an immense energy transfer and wound cavity within soft targets without relying on the expansion and mushrooming as seen in typical hollow point defensive rounds. With personal defense considered at the forefront when designing this round, we’ve optimized penetration within soft targets, so there’s no fear of over-penetration or collateral damage. NXD is the next evolution of personal defense ammo.

Norma’s new NXD Defensive ammunition retails at $19.99 for a box of 20. For more on NXD or other Norma ammunitions, click here.

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