By Drew Bryant
April 9th, 2022,

Last week, Maxim Defense introduced the new Maxim Defense MKIV-SD. The package consists of an integral suppressed Ruger MKIV .22 LR pistol. The new pistol from Maxim comes with of without a Delta Point Pro red dot. The new MKIV-SD has no first round audible pop and should be well below hearing safe levels, according to Maxim Defense.

Below, is the press announcement from Maxim Defense on the new MKIV-SD.

Press Announcement

The new Maxim Defense MKIV-SD is an Integral Suppressed Ruger MKIV Pistol. Choosing the finest modern .22LR pistol in the world, the integrated MkIV-SD suppressor is the quietest purpose-built suppressor in category with the easiest maintainability.


• State-of-the-art MonoKore design.
• Simple 3-piece design.
• Military grade materials.
• Integrated into the modern Ruger MkIV pistol.
• Has secondary retention mechanism on suppressor tube.
• MonoKore has integrated carbon cutters for cleaning the suppressor.


• No detectable first round pop.

• Drops sound to well below hearing safe levels (specific reduc-
tion based on ammunition and atmospheric conditions). Average measurement per MILSTD-1474D of 114 dB average with Gemtech subsonic ammunition and 123dB with CCI Minimag ammunition. These measurements are from the shooter’s left ear measurement location.

• Decreases flash, decreases recoil, increases accuracy.

• Fully and easily serviceable.

• Disassembles with common tools.

The new Maxim Defense retails at $1,595 without optic and $2,195 with optic. Also, include the $200 tax stamp for both which raises the price from $1,795 and $2,395 respectively.

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