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By Drew Bryant
April 11th, 2022,

Over the past couple of years compensators on handguns has increased in popularity. Once mainly used for competition-minded shooters now the compensator has crossed over into the mainstream. Shooters from all disciplines all looking for that tactical advantage of a compensator with the pistol of their choice. Recognizing this Faxon Firearms has developed and designed three brand new options to its EXOS lineup of pistol compensators. The new additions to the lineup will include compensators for the SIG P365 and M&P Shield series of pistols.

Below, is the press release from Faxon Firearms on the new EXOS compensators.

Press Release

2021 saw Faxon Firearms expand heavily on their pistol product offerings. In addition to adding several subcompact barrels to their lineup, they introduced their EXOS line of pistol compensators, with the earliest models being for compact pistols by Glock®, SIG®, and M&P®. Earlier this year, Faxon launched their first batch of EXOS compensators for subcompact (G43, G43X, G48). Now, the line expands even more with EXOS comps for M&P® Shield/Shield Plus, SIG® P365/P365 XL, and Glock® Gen 4 Compact handguns.

The latest release (launching 4.04.22) includes:

• EXOS-543 – for Glock® Gen 4 (G17, G19, G34)
• EXOS-525 – for SIG® P365 & P365 XL
• EXOS-524 – for M&P® Shield & Shield Plus
Previously released EXOS compensators include:

•EXOS-523 – for G43
• EXOS-533 – for G43X/48
• EXOS-513 – for Glock® Gen 3 and Faxon FX-19
• EXOS-514 – for M&P®
• EXOS-515 – for SIG®

Later this year Faxon has plans to introduce pistol comps for Gen 5 Glocks. The new EXOS pistol compensators will retail at $85.00 from Faxon Firearms’ website.

What do you think about the trend of compensators on pistols? Let us know in the comments below.

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