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By Drew Bryant
May 16th, 2022,

Over the past couple of years we have seen an influx of fraudulent social media accounts and websites of brand names within the firearm industry. Content creators such as Classic Firearms, Offensive Group, and Tamfamgram have dealt with fraudulent accounts saying that users have won a prize or giveaway. We have seen the same thing happening to companies such as G-Code, Nighthawk Custom, and many more. Now, they have struck out against Kalashnikov USA. Recently, the company sent out an email warning customers or potential customers of a fraudulent website that is out there.

Below, is the fraud alert email from Kalashnikov USA.

Email Fraud Alert

KUSA Friends,
Because of you, we have a close and robust community of like-minded people. We’re committed to nurturing our community and providing you with the best experience from the moment you visit our website and our dealers to the moment you’re using our products.
We recently discovered some bad actors that want to take advantage of our community by duplicating our website and presenting themselves as Kalashnikov USA. We have already taken the proper steps to take this fake website down.
Meanwhile, we wanted you to be aware that these scammers exist and be careful when shopping online at and in general.
Please follow these steps to ensure you’re placing your order on our authentic website:

1. URL: Our proper website domain is

2. Website navigation and homepage: Although the similarities are close, there are some visual queues in the navigation and homepage differences.

3. Payment Process: We use the highest payment protection when transacting on our website. We will never ask you to place an order first, transfer the money to us via services like Zelle, or ask you to give us your bank information.

From this email you can see Kalashnikov USA is concerned with protecting its customers from this fraud. If you have gotten anything from the fraudulent website. Ignore it. If you have bought something from the website call your bank and see if you can get a refund. Stay vigilant out there. If it looks suspicious it is suspicious. Trust your instincts.

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