By Drew Bryant
May 31st, 2022,

The current market for pistols chambered in .22 WMR is small with limited offerings in either revolver or semi-auto. However, there are more firearms manufacturers producing firearms in the rimfire cartridge. Recently, Walther introduced their new Walther Magnum Pistol or WMP for short, chambered in feisty .22 WMR cartridge. The WMP will be a polymer framed, optics ready, ambidextrous controls, and comes with two 15-round magazines.

The new WMP has same design language from the rest of Walther’s striker fired pistols. The new WMP looks like a marriage between Walther’s PPQ and PDP pistols. The new WMP features front and rear slide serrations with lightening cuts on the front of the slide to help aid in cycling. The frame will incorporate European/HK USP style of ambidextrous magazine release but also features a traditional mag release.

Below, is the product announcement and specs for the WMP.

Product Announcement


In life, sometimes the unexpected can happen. Whether it’s an opportunity for fun and recreation or maybe even a life-threatening situation, it’s your duty to be READY. So, when it’s time to hit the outdoors and you need a reliable firearm at your side, the unique Walther Magnum Pistol (WMP ), 22 magnum semi-automatic, is the only choice. This isn’t just another target practice plinker, Walther has developed a high quality, lightweight, easy-to-shoot, and affordable pistol for shooters who want to stay READY as part of their active outdoor lifestyle.

Walther’s history of producing high-quality, shooter-focused firearms sets this slide-mounted red-dot rimfire pistol apart from the competition. Featuring an optics-ready slide, best-in-class ergonomics, and a first-time patented ambidextrous reloading mechanism incorporating both paddle and button releases called the Quad Release. With 4 total activation points, the Quad Release mechanism is the most versatile ambidextrous mag release ever created. Together, all of these features help to give shooters an unrivaled shooting experience, wherever they go.

With two 15-round magazines and 2 optics adaptor plates included, plus easy field strip capabilities, unparalleled accuracy, and ultra-low recoil, this pistol is READY right out of the box to tackle any adventure.

The Walther Magnum Pistol delivers what only Walther can provide, designed for the everyday adventure seeker who is ready to not just survive but thrive. Introducing the Walther Magnum Pistol (WMP ), the perfect firearm for the explorer in all of us.


• Model Number: 5220300
• Caliber: .22 WMR
• Color: Black
• Slide Material: Aluminum
• Frame Material: Polymer
• Overall Length: 8.2″
• Slide Length: 8.2″
• Width: 1.48″
• Height: 5.66″
• Barrel Length: 4.5″
• Sights: Front: Fiber Optic | Rear: Serrated
• Weight (With Empty Magazine) 27.8 oz
• Magazine Capacity; 15 Rounds (10 also avaialbe as Item Number 5220302)
• Mags Included: 2 Magazines
Safties 3-Auto
• Optics Read: Yes
• Trigger Pull: 4.5 LBS

The new WMP from Walther is being advertised as a high-quality and lightweight weight pistol that can be used for the outdoors. The .22WMR cartridge is a popular round for varmint hunting.

The new WMP is available for purchase now. The new rimfire pistol retails for $549 MSRP. For more on the WMP check out the video below.

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