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By Drew Bryant
August 1st, 2022,

A couple of years ago ZEV Technologies released their high successful Duty line of Glock slides. These slides were minimalist designed slides that stress form and function over aesthetics. The ZEV Duty slides were geared towards shooters looking for a function driven design. Last week, ZEV Tech announced they will be releasing ZEV Duty Slide Kits. The Duty slides from ZEV will feature a Trijicon RMR footprint for mounting a red dot to your slide.

The new ZEV Duty slides are completely assembled and ready to use. The new Duty Slides will be compatible with all 3rd and 4th generation Glock 17 and Glock 19. Each ZEV Duty slide features: front and rear slide serrations, match grade precision milling for greater tolerances, a lowered ejection port, and ZEV Tech iron sights.

Below, product description from ZEV Tech on their new Duty slides.

Product Description

ZEV Duty Slide Kits come with all ZEV internals fully assembled and topped off with preinstalled ZEV tritium night sights. The black nitride finish of the Duty slide provides a durable coating. And the patented ZEV RMR cut enables the use of red dot sights using an RMR installation footprint.

The Duty slides feature the same workmanship and quality that ZEV is known for with a functionally driven design and utilitarian coating for the no-nonsense shooter who is looking to complete a new frame build or to enhance the functionality of their Glock.

The ZEV Duty slides are available on on ZEV ‘s website. The complete ZEV Duty slides will retail at $499 MSRP on their website. For more on ZEV’s Duty slides or their other products, click here.

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