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By Drew Bryant
September 7, 2022,

Recently, Osage County Guns was a victim of a vehicle mash and grab on their store front. The Missouri based gun store/online retailer is located approximately 45 miles west of St. Louis. The crime occurred on Saturday just before 2 a.m., the robbers drove a stolen Hyundai sedan through the entrance of the retail store causing significant damage. After destroying the entrance the robbers proceeded to steal thousands of dollars worth of firearms and accessories before police arrived on scene. Osage County is cooperating with local police and the ATF on the matter.

Osage County Guns has left full details of the events with photos in a press release on their website.

Press Release


Brief update on the break in that occurred yesterday…

At 1:57 AM a crew of young criminals, likely out of St. Louis, drove a stolen Hyundai through the entrance of our retail store and caused significant damage. They managed to steal firerams and accessories and leave just before police arrived. We’re working to make arrangements for repairs and reopen as soon as possible.

We want to give a big shoutout to everyone that assisted us in securing the building, cleaning up the damage and conducting a full inventory and damage assessment.

We also want to thank the many law enforcement agencies that responded. In total 9 different LE departments were on scene, excluding fire and ATF, within 30 minute of the break in.

A very big thanks to Wright City’s police department. Officers arrived exactly 2 minutes and 45 seconds after the criminals breached our outer doors, missing the thieves by only 45 seconds.

That is incredibly fast once you consider that a 911 call has to be answered, routed, dispatched and then the officer has to travel from his current location to ours.

We are thankful none of our employees or law enforcement were injured in this incident but we are frustrated by the fact that criminals committed this horrible act and were able to get away. That is not the fault of Wright City PD!

We’re working with law enforcement and ATF to try to provide as much evidence as we can including camera footage from dozens of cameras.

As, of right now Osage County Guns storefront is closed while repairs are being made. Their best estimate is that the store front will be closed for a couple of weeks minimum. It could be longer or shorter but, true timetable is unknown. During this time Osage County Guns online presence will remain completely intact.

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