By Drew Bryant
September 29, 2022, theloadoutblog.con

Faxon Firearms is proud to introduce the new Overwatch Hunter bolt action rifle. It is chambered in the new 8.6 Blackout cartridge developed by Q. The new 8.6 Blackout is the bigger and much more aggressive brother of .300 Blackout that was designed to be shot suppressed and unsuppressed and maintain superior terminal velocity and ballistics at longer range than compared to .300 BLK. The First Edition rifle is being offered with a 16” barrel with a 1:3 twist rate, a threaded barrel, and a Timney Elite Hunter trigger.

Below, is the press announcement and specs for the Overwatch Hunter rifle.

Press Announcement

Not content with merely making barrels for the new 8.6 Blackout, Faxon Firearms has recently released the Overwatch rifle series, looking to combine top-quality bolt-action rifle building with the 8.6 Blackout caliber. Today we’re breaking down the two versions of the Overwatch Tactical.

The Overwatch is available in a more traditional style with the Overwatch Hunter, as well as two flavors of chassis builds in the Overwatch Tactical, in a 16″ barreled rifle and a 12″ barreled/braced pistol.


• Faxon 16″ 1:3 Twist 8.6 BLK Barrel w/ Thread Protector, Taper Adapter, and Remage-Style Nut
• Muzzle threaded M18x1.5mm for use with any AI standard muzzle device or suppressor mount
• MDT LSS XL Gen 2 Chassis
• Faxon TAC 30 Action & Bolt by Stiller
​​​​​​​• AICS Mag Compatible
• Timney Elite Hunter 510-V2 Trigger
• B5 Precision Collapsible Stock
• B5 Pistol Grip
• Weights & Dimensions:
• Weight: 7.61 lbs
• Length: 35.375″
• Depth: 8″
• Width: 1.5″

The new Overwatch Hunter in the 8.6 BLK by Faxon is currently out of stock on their website. If you are interested drop your email in the notify me when in stock. The new Overwatch will retail for $3,499 MSRP.

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