By Drew Bryant
October 29, 2022,

Earlier this week, the Hollywood Reporter broke the story of a major shakeup happening at WB Discovery regarding DC Films. WB Discovery has tapped Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and Producer Peter Safran as Co-Ceo’s of DC Studios. DC studios is a new division from Warner Bros. that will replace DC Films and will oversee all film, tv, and animation projects regarding the DC Universe.

According to the report, Gunn will focus on the creative side of the studio providing a more cohesive vision of the characters and universe while Safran will handle the business and production elements. Gunn will continue to make movies exclusively for the DCU in his new role as CEO, while Safran will continue producing. Both men will be reporting to WB Discovery CEO David Zaslav directly.

The hiring of Gunn and Safran ends the months-long search for the studio’s replacement of outgoing boss Walter Hamada, who ended his tenure last week with the company.

Since the mega-merger of Warner Bros and Discovery, Zaslav has been looking for a new boss to guide DC Studios moving forward. Zaslav was looking for someone in a Kevin Feige-like role who could confidently guide the overall strategy of the DCEU moving forward.

Instead of it being one person, WB Discovery chose Gunn and Safran to lead DC Studios into the future. James and Safran have worked together previously on The Conjuring Horror Universe, Aquaman, and the Suicide Squad movie.

James Gunn confirming the exciting news on Twitter regarding his new role as CEO of DC Studios.

The search to guide DC studios and the DCU into the future has been a rocky one for WB Discovery. Walter Hamada, the previous CEO of DC films, clashed with WB Discovery leadership, in particular over his actions for canceling the mostly completed the Batgirl movie. WB Discovery seemed ready to bring on David Lin as the new Boss of DC Studios, but negotiations fell apart and Lin declined to become the new head of the studio.

The appointment of Gunn and Safran won’t completely unify all of WB Discovery’s DC projects. Todd Philips’ Joker 2 will not be under Gunn and Safran nor will Matt Reeves’ Batman Universe. However, moving forward all DC-related content will be under the DC Studios banner.

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