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By Drew Bryant
November 18, 2022,

Over the past ten to fifteen years aiming laser/illumination devices have become more popular within the civilian market. This influx of interest and the proliferation of night vision on the civilian market has led more companies into releasing civilian variants of their laser aiming devices. Wilcox Industries is no exception to that trend. Wilcox is proud to announce the new RAID Xe for the civilian market.

The RAID Xe is an update to Wilcox’s original RAID X design and features a couple of changes in its build design. The new RAID Xe defies the conventional trappings of other products in this space and features a body that is prominently made out of metal. In comparison the highly regarded PEQ-15 by L3 Harris uses a polymer construction for its aiming laser bodies. The polymer used on the Raid Xe is located on the top panel which house the controls for the device. The new polymer top panel design allows the end user multiple options for activation of the laser aiming device. While also allowing the user to offset the Mount when rail space is limited. The freshly announced RAID Xe laser aiming device be hitting the civilian market sometime in 2023.

Below, are the product overview and features for the Wilcox RAID Xe laser aiming device.

Product Overview

The Wilcox RAID Xe is the next generation in the RAID line of products. As a class 3B high-power laser aiming device, the RAID Xe is designed specifically for the military and law enforcement markets. The RAID Xe provides a smaller, lighter, stronger laser aiming device with superior, uncompromising performance. The ultimate in beam clarity and uniformity with an extraordinary reduction in illuminator speckle, RAID Xe increases the operator’s effectiveness and situational awareness.

This product is available in either red or green laser configurations. The NIR room illuminator combined with the variable NIR VCSEL illuminator features best in class overall effective tactical solution in any low-light combat situation. The ergonomic illuminator spool location allows easy rapid adjustment of the NIR illuminator beam divergence for variable distances and mission requirements.

Wilcox has set the standards for optical performance in beam clarity and uniformity with an extraordinary reduction in illuminator speckle, aiding in increasing the operator’s effectiveness and situational awareness.

When the RAID Xe product is securely mounted on any Picatinny style 1913 rail, it provides rock-solid boresight retention to the weapon due to Wilcox’s unique single windage and elevation adjustment feature and factory co-aligned lasers and illuminators. The RAID Xe product can be used on multiple weapon platforms. The RAID Xe has a very low-profile stance that does not interfere with most optics or iron sights.


• One optical bench houses a VIS laser and NIR laser

• NIR VCSEL illuminator and wide angle NIR Room illuminator project precise, speckle-free beams for extreme clarity and optimal combat identification

• NIR room illuminator provides 40º flood capabilities

• Optical bench is aligned to weapon by one windage and one elevation adjustment

• Powered by one (1) CR123 3V battery
Multi-function keypads provide flexibility in programming custom options

• Five (5) selectable pulse modes on VIS/NIR lasers settings

• Remote port accepts Wilcox ERGOCTO Xe line of pressure pads and control grips

• User-interchangeable modular visor/laser safety cover

The Wilcox RAID Xe still has a little time before it hits the commercial market. For those curious about the price point of the RAID Xe, we do not have an official MSRP. A person interested in purchasing a RAID Xe should expect the MSRP to be around $3,000. This price is an estimate of comparable laser aiming devices on the market (i.e. B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1). For more on Wilcox Industries products and the Raid Xe, click here.

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