By Drew Bryant
December 19th, 2022,

In the firearms community, it is difficult to navigate through the plethora of choices when it comes down to rifles, optics, and accessories. This abundance of choice leads to the consumer adopting a trial-and-error method when it comes down to buying firearms or firearm-related products. This trial-and-error method leads to time wasted, frustration, and money wasted by the end consumer. This uncertainty in products leads to instructors who are bombarded with questions from students. Such as: What rifle should I run? What is the best barrel length for a fighting rifle? Which optic would you use? What are the best accessories? These are questions that Rick Crawley from Achilles Heel Tactical has fielded over his six-plus years as an instructor. AHT’s solution…the Arrow Of Paris.

Performance > Promise

One of the core tenets of Achilles Heel Tactical (AHT) is Performance is greater than a promise. The Arrow of Paris is an all-inclusive rifle built to provide exceptional performance for the end user, no questions asked. Rick and his team at AHT went to work sourcing the best parts and accessories to complete this one-of-a-kind rifle. The Arrow of Paris is a collaborative effort between AHT, Radian Weapons, Criterion Barrels, Magpul, Shooting Surplus, and Armory Coatings to turn this rifle into a reality.

The core components of the Arrow of Paris comes from Radian Weapons and Criterion Barrels. AHT chose Radian’s Builder Kit. The kit includes a matching upper and lower receiver, with handguards. While Criterion provided their Core Series 14.5″ barrel with a mid-length gas system. Shooting surplus sponsored $1,500 to purchase all necessary components and accessories for the completion of the Arrow of Paris. Which include accessories and gear made by Silencer Co, Geissele, and Modlite Systems. Magpul provided all the furniture for the Arrow of Paris build. AHT purchased all other items to complete the Arrow of Paris. Including the EoTech Vudu 1-10x, Badger Ordnance Condition One Mount, Aimpoint Arco-P2, a Full Power PEQ-15, Emissary Development Handbrake, and much more.

River Of Styx

Another highlight from this amazing build is the one-of-a-kind Cerakote color created by AHT and Armory Coatings called River Of Styx. Named after the River of Styx from Greek Mythology. The River of Styx was located in the Underworld. The waters of this river would grant immortality to mortals if dipped in its waters. Thetis the mother of Achilles dipped him in the river and held him by his heel. Ensuring he can only be harmed by his heel. Giving rise to the phrase “Achilles Heel” as a critical vulnerability of an individual. The color River of Styx by Armory Coatings is a foreboding, cool, and smooth grey color. A poignant way to finish off the expectational build that the Arrow Of Paris is.

Below, is the epic build list for the Arrow of Paris. Allowing you to see the quality components put into this unique rifle.

Arrow Of Paris Build List

• Radian Weapons Builder Kit matching upper & lower receiver with 14″ hand guard
• Radian SD Charging Handle
• Radian Enhanced BCG
• Criterion Core Series 14.5″ Barrel Mid-length gas with Silencer Co.
ASR Muzzle Device
• PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube Ratchet Lock Castle Nut
• JP Enterprise Gen 2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System H2
• SLR Mid-length Gas Tube & Gas Block
• Geissele SD-E Trigger
• Magpul MOE SL-S Carbine Stock
• Magpul MOE-K2 Pistol Grip
• Badger Ordnance Condition One Modular Mount 34mm, 1.70″ 0 MOA with accessory ring cap (ARC) and C1 – 12 O’Clock Top Optical Platform
for ACRO P-2
• Eotech VUDU 1-10×28 FFP with SR5 Reticle
• Aimpoint ACRO P-2
• Full Power Black Peq15 with Modlite Button
• Modlite Systems OKW-18650 with Surefire DS00 with Modlite Button
• Arisaka Defense Scout Light Mount
• Rail Scales XOS Machined G10 Scales
• Emissary Development Group Handbrake
• Edgar Sherman Design 1.5 Sling with Magpul QDs
• NeoMag Sentry Strap
• Custom Cerakote “River Of Styx” only available at Armory Coatings
• Custom Laser Engravings by Monsoon Tactical

The Arrow of Paris is a once-in-a-lifetime rifle. There are only two versions of this rifle in existence. The prototype rifle and the Arrow of Paris itself. Two rifles were built to verify the components through a test rifle to meet end user satisfaction. The prototype was built with the components and then extensively tested by Rick and his team over the past year. Thousands and thousands of rounds were put through the prototype to validate this build. This rifle was tested with various ammunitions, in good and bad weather conditions, and fired suppressed to make sure it could handle the workload of any shooter. After a year of shooting and testing the build components, the Arrow of Paris was built. The Arrow of Paris is a one-time build by AHT and comes with the serial number AOP001 etched into the receiver cementing its place in history.

The Arrow of Paris from AHT is delivered to the shooter ready to shoot and to be pushed to its limit. To make sure the end user receives the most value out of the Arrow of Paris the rifle comes with unique training opportunities. The owner of the Arrow of Paris can attend four training courses of their choosing from AHT, one admission to Ohio Range Day, and one admission to an Rx Range Day. You can use these training events at any time as long as you are the owner of this rifle.

Not A Safe Queen

This rifle’s purpose is not meant to be a safe queen. The Arrow of Paris is meant to be pushed to its mechanical lists. Just as the shooter should push and test their skill sets as a shooter. This is the reason why Arrow of Paris exists. To provide the optimal rifle experience and to encourage training by the end user. The Arrow of Paris is meant to be an heirloom within the AHT community. To be passed on to another shooter or within the owner’s family. The owner of the Arrow of Paris will sign a contract with Rick Crawley from AHT stating that they understand the purpose of the rifle and if sold that if any available classes haven’t been taken they will go to the new owner. Making sure that even the next owner has a focus on training with the rifle.

The Arrow of Paris is an all-inclusive rifle built with attention to detail and quality components to create an unrivaled shooting experience. This rifle was tested extensively and pushed to its limits and still kept ticking. The Arrow of Paris grants its owner the ability to get out and train immediately. Making this rifle a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Arrow of Paris is an exceptional rifle with awesome training opportunities attaches to it. Giving the potential owner an unrivaled experience at their fingertips.

Last Thursday, the Arrow of Paris was made available last Thursday at exclusively to the subscribers of AHT’s website. The Arrow of Paris retailed for $10,000. That price tag didn’t stop this rifle from selling. The Arrow of Paris by AHT sold in less than an hour from being available on the website! Never reached its December 23rd auction date if it was still available.

The original plan for the Arrow of Paris was to hold a raffle for the rifle, in turn giving everyone in the community a chance to win. Unfortunately, due to raffles being considered an illegal form of Lottery in Ohio. The goal was to give everyone in the community the chance to own this amazing rifle.

The quality, time, and effort put into the Arrow of Paris was clear to the community. Along with the excellent training opportunities that came with the rifle. Making the Arrow of Paris a once in a lifetime opportunity that couldn’t be missed.

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