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By Drew Bryant
January 11th, 2023,

Unity Tactical is known for making accessories and gear to improve the effectiveness and quality of life for a shooter on their rifles. One of the first success stories for the company was the Unity Taps Switch. This switch offered a one-point control system for an end user’s weapon-mounted electronics. Now, Unity brings the next evolution in switch technology with the AXON. The AXON pressure switch is designed to provide the end user complete control over lights and lasers in a compact and rugged design. AXON is the direct result of feedback from professional end users, such as military and law enforcement. The new pressure switch from Unity provides a tactile difference between the two buttons to eliminate confusion in high-stress environments.

Below, is the product description on the AXON from Unity Tactical’s website.

Product Description

The pinnacle of remote switch design for weapon-mounted accessories, AXON™ provides complete control of lights and lasers in a single, compact and rugged housing. AXON™ is the direct result of operational feedback from professional end-users on our industry-leading switch technology. Lights and lasers can be fired from individual buttons with versions available for popular-issued devices. Its unique design provides tactile differentiation between the two buttons to eliminate confusion in dark, cold, and high-stress situations. The light (angled) button features a switch that allows for both momentary and constant activation, while the laser button features a momentary-only button that supports the laser’s double-click-for-constant-on feature.

Standard AXON™ models feature each button firing devices independently. SYNC models fire the laser independently, while the light button will fire both light and laser simultaneously. NGAL variants operate in a SYNC capacity but offer a visible override feature for light and laser. The standard configuration is a 7” cable length.

AXON™ mounts directly to M1913 Rail, taking up just seven rail slots, while the Rail Clamps feature pass-throughs for zip ties. It also mounts a directory to an M-LOK® rail with an optional AXON™ M-LOK® Mounting Kit (sold separately).

The AXON is available now on Unity’s website. The new pressure switch will retail between $154-299 MSRP. Price will be dependent on the light and laser configuration the end user currently has. For more on Unity Tactical’s AXON and its other products, click here.

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