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By Drew Bryant
January 13th, 2023,

All photos from Toor Knives Instagram page

Toor Knives is a well-known knife manufacturer based out of Southern California. The company specializes in manufacturing knives that fit the needs of operators, outdoorsmen, and hunters around the globe. The original goal of Toor Knives was to provide Marines with a tactical knife that could handle the demanding and diverse workload of different mission-specific tasks. One of Toor Knives’ most popular brands that is tied to that philosophy is the SOF series of blades, which is receiving a major update for 2023. The SOF Series of blades receiving an update are the Anaconda, Viper, and Jank Shank. Let’s take a closer look at Toor’s updated SOF series of knives.

First, lets take a look at the Anaconda. The Anaconda is the Jack-of-All-Trades blade from Toor Knives. This blade offers a wide variety of options for the end user. It is a knife that can be worn on your kit or that can be easily concealed. Giving the end user more versatility on how they choose to use and deploy the Anaconda to their advantage.

Next, we have the Viper. This knife is geared toward the consumer looking for a robust concealed carry or everyday carry blade. The Viper is easy to conceal, lightweight, and well-built to handle the rigors of an EDC lifestyle. The Viper also features a rounded blade profile for smooth slicing and a reinforced tip for puncturing an object.

Finally, we the Jank Shank. The Jank Shank is geared toward the consumer looking for a good EDC knife. The Jank Shank features a straight blade with a sharp reinforced tip design for smooth penetration of an object.

Below, are the product descriptions and prices for the updated SOF Series that includes the Anaconda, Viper, and Jank Shank from Toor.


Named in honor of a 2002 operation that took place in the War in Afghanistan, the Anaconda is considered a Toor heritage blade, by some. Although strategically updated for 2021, we still designate this knife as both Tactical and Concealable, as its streamlined outline continues to take up minimal space on your gear. 

The Anaconda’s iconic ring measures 1.125”, which allows for an easy draw, with or without gloves, and its blade features a rounded convex edge that allows for smooth slices. Our signature snake scales handle minimizes the risk of the knife sliding out of your hand when working in wet conditions, while still maintaining smooth and comfortable contours if concealed against the body. Constructed of CPM S35VN Steel, with a Black Oxide finish, the Anaconda is made to operate in nature’s toughest environments with little-to-no corrosion on the blade.

The Anaconda retails for $295 MSRP on Toor’s website.


The Viper is a Toor heritage knife classified as a Tactical, Concealable and Everyday Carry blade. Its rounded blade profile provides smooth slicing with a reinforced tip, and its newly redesigned G10 handle is partnered with a full finger ring, which ensures comfort regardless of the position in which it’s held.

The butt of the blade has our signature thumb jimping to reduce the chances of slippage when in a reverse hold, and the steep thumb ramp on the spine keeps the hand in place while in a standard hold. This minimal blade is the perfect self defense or concealable tool for your everyday carry.

Every Viper is made in the USA and includes a low-profile black KYDEX® sheath, which is compatible with any of our sheath mounts.

The Viper Is retails for $195 MSRP on their website.

Jank Shank

We’ve updated the Jank Shank frame to better accommodate the new style of textured scale, while keeping its 0.1875″ steel width. While this adds some weight compared to the previous skeletonized version of the blade (from 2.4 oz to 6.3 oz), the new patterned scales provided increased grip under the most demanding situations. It’s the same great EDC knife you’ve come to love, just newly improved to tackle almost any task you can throw at it.

Every Jank Shank is made in the USA and includes a low profile FlexTech KYDEX® sheath, which is compatible with any of our five mounts.

The Jank Shank from Toor Knives retails for $225 MSRP.

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