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By Drew Bryant
March 26th, 2023,

Since its unveiling back in 2022, Q’s 8.6 Blackout has been round in high demand in the shooting community. Only a few ammunition manufacturers make 8.6 BLK, and it sells out quickly when restocked. The new round will increase demand even more once B&T joins the fray. B&T has recently announced their Advanced Precision Rifle that is chambered in 8.6 BLK. The new bolt action rifle from B&T will be integrally suppressed and capable of accurately putting subsonic 8.6 BLK rounds on target at 400 yards. Twice the distance of subsonic 300 BLK. The APR will be the bigger brother to the 300 BLK variant of the SPR 300 by B&T.

Information on the B&T APR8.6 is limited. B&T has made available an infographic with a short description of the capabilities of its new integrally suppressed bolt action rifle.

Below are the product description and specs for APR 8.6 BLK by B&T.

Product Description

The all-new APR8.6 is a specialized tool for missions requiring a heavy-hitting projectile optimized for whisper-quiet precision out to 400 yards. Equipped with a state-of-the-art integrated sound suppressor, the APR8.6 blends the ultra-low signature of our SPR300 PRO with the mid-range precision, intuitive controls, and sophisticated ergonomics of our APR-series to create a hybrid suppressed sniper system capable of intermediate barrier penetration at extended ranges.

B&T APR8.6 Specs

• Fully Adjustable Stock / Cheek Riser

• 30 MOA Picatinny Rail

• Integrated Suppressor

• 400 Meter Effective Range

• Barrel Length (in): 12 in

• Thread Pitch: M18x1.5

• Caliber: 8.6 BLK

• Twist Rate: 1:3

• Length (in) Weight (lbs): 39.67 13.45

The APR 8.6 will be releasing in limited quantities and will be priced around $7,500.

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