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By Drew Bryant
May 3rd, 2023,

Lone Wolf Arms is initially known for making high-quality parts for the Glock pistol. Recently, the company has started to delve into making their own pistol based on Glock’s architecture. Lone Wolf is proud to announce their newest handgun, the Dusk 19. The Dusk will feature a CCS Frame with a 19-degree grip angle, swappable back straps, and a proprietary trigger.

Below is the product announcement from Lone Wolf on the Dusk 19.

Product Announcement

Unleash the Power of the Night with Lone Wolf Arms DUSK 19 Pistol

Lone Wolf Arms, a company known as a leader of innovation in the Glock aftermarket, is proud to announce the arrival of the DUSK™19 pistol line. With more than two decades of experience providing aftermarket solutions to enhance both the performance and aesthetics of the Glock-pattern pistol, Lone Wolf Arms has implemented these years of development into the DUSK™19, which is now available online and at a dealer near you.

The new DUSK™19 includes a CCS Frame with a 19° grip angle for improved pointability, an enlarged trigger guard with an ergonomic profile to reduce “Glock knuckle”, swappable backstraps with LWA Grip Texture, a new Gen 3/4 compatible dust cover, and a revolutionary proprietary trigger. Additionally, the DUSK™19 is light, with a non-threaded option weighing in at 19.8 oz without a magazine, and is the perfect EDC size at an overall length of 6.95”.

The DUSK™19 Handgun combines the shootability and convenience sought after in a Glock-pattern pistol with the premium, trusted parts Lone Wolf Arms is known for. Lone Wolf maintains quality engineering and attention to detail, making a truly unique handgun that is comfortable to shoot and built to last. For more on where and how to purchase a new DUSK™19 visit the Lone Wolf Arms website and browse the multiple finishes and barrel options of the DUSK™19 that are available now.

The Lone Wolf Arms Dusk 19 is available now for purchase on the company’s website. The Dusk will retail for $649.95, which makes it a little bit more expensive than a traditional Glock 19. That price increase potential comes with improved ergonomics, a better trigger, and optics ready.

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