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By Drew Bryant
June 13th, 2023,

Over the last couple of years, there has been a slow resurgence in the popularity of 10mm. Earlier this year Glock released the G20 Gen 5 in 10mm. While SIG SAUER released the SIG X-Ten with great success. With that increase in popularity, Federal Ammunition has jumped into the fray. Federal Ammunition is proud to announce the expansion of its Train + Protect lineup with the Train + Protect 10mm. The Train + Protect line of ammunition from Federal is there to bridge the gap allowing shooters to have a round good for defense purposes and to train within the range.

Below is the press release from Federal Ammunition on the Train + Protect 10mm.

Press Release

ANOKA, MN – Federal recently added a new line extension to its popular and versatile Train + Protect product line—which features packaging that honors any shooter’s birthright to bear arms—with a new load in 10mm Auto. The full-power 10mm offering features a Versatile Hollow Point (VHP) bullet to deliver both precise, practical performance at the range, and instant, reliable expansion on impact.

Train + Protect | Federal Ammunition (

“With the popularity of our Train +Protect products and customers desire to have a good all-around option they can use for training as well as protection, we’re expanding the line with 10mm auto,” said Federal’s Handgun Product Line Director Nick Sachse. “10mm has seen a resurgence in recent years and we continue to receive requests for more options in the cartridge.

The new 10mm ammo from Federal is available now. A box of 50 rounds retails at $57.99, which means you’re paying a $1.15 per round. For more on Federal’s new 10mm and their other ammunition, click here.

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