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By Drew Bryant
June 22nd, 2023,

Industries, a leading innovator in night vision technology, is pushing the boundaries of the market with its latest creation: The Chimera Bridge. The Chimera was introduced at Shot Show and took the show by storm. The new bridge from Nocturn will completely revolutionize how GPNVGs will be worn within an operational environment.

The Chimera’s articulating bridge allows end users to articulate quad tubes like never before. The bridge allows for you to stow a duo of binos at a time while one remains active. Allowing users to read a map with a red light filter with ease. The Chimera can be stored like PVS-31s with an articulating bridge. Reducing helmet and neck fatigue of the end user. This is done by repositioning the center of gravity back to natural pivot point of the neck. The articulation that is available to the Chimera gives end users endless possibilities on how to stow and deploy GONVGs.

Below is the product description for the Chimera Bridge from Nocturn Industries.

Product Description

The Ultralight Articulating Panoramic Night Vision Goggle -Bridge, UAPNVG-B”Chimera Bridge,” is the next evolution in panoramic nvg systems, being the first articulating bridge upgrade for existing quad tube devices. This patent pending design enables the lowest possible profile by stowing the pods back to the helmet to a profile typical of articulating binos, reducing neck fatigue by pulling the center of gravity significantly closer to the natural pivot point of the neck. Panoramic system pods attached to the UAPNVG Bridge can be stowed individually without fully stowing the device, which allows the user to clear door thresholds, increase head clearance in a vehicle, have rapid access to the night vision function, enter and exit vehicles much faster, reduced brush snag hazard, and use weapon mounted optics/thermal devices simultaneously with the goggle. The bridge system is plug-and-play at a user level with existing panoramic nvg pods offering compatibility with L3 GPNVG18, Lindu QTNVG, ANVIS10, Photonis PD Pro-Q, and more.

The Chimera is available now on Nocturn’s website. The new bridge will retail at $2,750. The Chimera also comes with The Bat battery pack, which is an excellent addition to the Chimera. For more on the Chimera and to check out Nocturn’s lineup, click here.

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