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By Drew Bryant
August 2nd, 2023,

All photos are from TFB’s article on RMR HD & RCR

Introducing the highly anticipated RMR HD and RCR red dot sights, the latest innovations from Trijicon that are set to redefine your shooting experience. As the newest members of the Trijicon optics lineup, these sights bring a host of advanced features and benefits that cater to both enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The RMR HD takes aim at perfection with its meticulously engineered design. Sporting a generously proportioned window, this red dot sight offers an expansive field of view, allowing you to effortlessly acquire and track targets. The ingenious top-loading battery design ensures swift and hassle-free power replacement, keeping you in the action without missing a beat.

What truly sets the RMR HD apart is its adaptive reticle system. Tailoring your sight picture has never been easier – whether you prefer a pinpoint red dot or a segmented circle, the RMR HD empowers you to fine-tune brightness levels to match your unique focus requirements. Its window size strikes a balance between the classic RMR and the SRO, guaranteeing a harmonious blend of compactness and performance.

Meanwhile, the RCR, or Ruggedized Close Reflex Sight, marks Trijicon’s official entry into the realm of closed emitter red dot sights designed specifically for pistols. Sporting the familiar RMR footprint, the RCR carries the torch of durability with its robust construction, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of demanding environments. Enhanced electronics further elevate its performance, delivering rapid target acquisition and precise accuracy.

With an array of reticle options, the RCR gives you the flexibility to choose the ideal aiming point for your shooting style and preferences. Whether it’s a simple dot, a segmented circle, or a combination, the RCR empowers you to align your aiming solution with your individual needs.

Below is the product description and features of the Trijicon RMR HD and the RCR.

Trijicon RMR HD

The Trijicon RMR® HD is an innovative red dot pistol optic specifically designed for the evolving needs of Law Enforcement and the Military. Built on the foundation of the Trijicon RMR® Adjustable LED model, the RMR HD features the same patented housing shape made from forged aluminum, robust electronic system, and quality lenses. Adding a long-lasting, top-loading battery, larger window, an innovative forward looking light sensor, multiple reticle options, market leading illumination adjustability, and it’s clear the RMR HD is designed and built for duty use.


• Uses the same footprint as the RMR®
• Uses common top-loading CR2032 battery
• Designed to fit current duty holsters*

• RMR-style patented shape diverts the force of impact, for
use in the harshest conditions
• Waterproof up to 66 ft. / 20m
• 7075 T-6 forged aluminum housing

• Switch between center dot only or full reticle
• New light sensor adjusts dot brightness to target environment
• Customizable auto-brightness range can be tuned to
user preference
• Nine brightness settings controlled by more responsive buttons

Trijicon RCR

An extremely rugged and durable closed emitter optic which meets the demanding standards for military and law enforcement applications. The Trijicon RCR™ represents the next evolution of the Trijicon RMR® and is designed to be as durable as the legendary Trijicon ACOG®, while also improving precision and accuracy with any style or caliber of firearm in any type of environment. The RCR can withstand direct impacts and survive in the harshest environments, while still providing enhanced accuracy and an excellent field of view. The RCR does this while not requiring additional or new plates to be used as it works with the current RMR bolt pattern and direct mounts without the use of a dovetail.


Multi-Platform-Friendly, No Additional Plates Needed The Trijicon RCRTM has a unique patented mounting system that allows the optic to mount using the Trijicon RMR® bolt pattern.

Same Deck Height as the RMR
Allows for use with RMR compatible Iron Sights.

• Easily Adjustable Windage/Elevation No need for special tools, 1 MOA per click.

Built to Handle the Worst
Built from 7075-T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized, the RCR was designed to survive in any conditions.

Top Loaded Battery
CR2032 battery, six years of continuous operation at setting 5.

Outstanding Durability
The same unique patented housing shape of the RMR now in a closed emitter version, it still diverts the force of an impact away from the lens, greatly increasing drop survivability and one-handed slide manipulation.

Upgraded Electronics and Buttons
Ruggedized battery contacts and electronics ensure performance and survivability in harsh environments, with distinctive and easy-to-use adjustment buttons.

True-Color, Multi-Coated Lens
Wide-band light transmission ensures minimal change in target area color.

The Trijicon RMR HD and RCR red dot sights seek to represent the new standard of optical engineering, marrying form and function in perfect harmony. The new red dot optics allows shooters the durability, reliability, and track record that Trijicon has built with the RMR. The new RMR HD and RCR will be available later this year and MSRP for both optics will be $849.99.

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